The new iPhone 6S and 6S Plus already in Spain. The new Apple phone comes with significant improvements over its predecessor. Among the highlights, a new aluminum alloy stronger, a more powerful processor, 12 megapixel camera that records 4K video as a screen capable of recognizing different pressures, the new operating system iOS 9 and a new rose gold color . IPhone 6S prices are the same as its predecessor (749 euros the 16GB version).

iphone 6s

The wait has come to an end and the iPhone 6S , the last jewel of Apple has just landed in the Spanish market. The new smartphone comes to improving the performance of its predecessor and continue their bestseller. The iPhone 6S price of 749 euros for the 16GB version.

The most important news of the iPhone 6S are:

– Processor: the processor 6S is one of its most significant innovations. It now has a 64-bit A9 third generation significantly improves performance and will continuously activated Siri for anytime can consult our doubts.

– Camera: Rear camera resolution increases (from 8 to 12 megapixels ) and, most important innovation, can record video in 4K quality . For its part, the front camera, essential for popular selfies also evolves to the 5-megapixel and incorporates Retina Flash for better images in low light.

Other notable developments in the photography section is Live Photos , “a novel way to see the pictures that gives life to still images capturing the movement of the scene. Live Photos The 12 Megapixel images are that, at the press show the time immediately before and after the decision to enjoy a vivid memory instead of a single frozen moment “, notes the manufacturer. You can see how it works:

Display : the iPhone screen 6S now incorporates new features thanks to technology called 3D Touch , recognizing different pressures on the display: depending on the pressure on the screen, the Apple phone performs different actions. As noted by Apple, 3D Touch allows new gestures: Peek and Pop . With them, you can open and close the contents without leaving the place where he was. Light pressure (Peek) lets you preview a photo, email, website and more, and a slightly higher pressure (Pop) allows to get into the content. 3D Touch also provides shortcuts for common activities by prompt action. In this way the user can send a message or get a selfie with the press on the home screen.

– Design: The highlight of the new iPhone 6S in design is the use of an aluminum alloy that promises greater strength. The other important note is the appearance of a new color, rose gold , which is presumably aimed at women.

– Software: the new Apple smartphone beats to the rhythm of the new version of its operating system, iOS in September , which will arrive in mid-September. This system promises significant improvements, one of which is a major saving battery. Good news when you consider that the iPhone 6S retains its predecessor the iPhone 6. Here are the salient features of iOS in September .

– Prices and availability 6S iPhone: iPhone 6S price of 749 euros ( check prices ). More information iPhone 6S.