We keep abreast of the latest rumors of future iPhone 6S (or iPhone 7?) While we wait for his presentation in September. The iPhone 6S should be easy, mobile most anticipated of which are present in this 2015. There are still a few months for submission (September and October) but the rumors will not wait and we can sketch an idea of how will this new iPhone.

iphone 6s

Design and Models

First, a Digitimes rumors suggest that this time we will have three different versions: a standard 4.7-inch iPhone 6S, iPhone 6S Plus 5.5 inches and finally, new a iPhone 6C (or iPhone 6 Mini) 4 inches . Sizes for everyone to choose from.

On the design side, big changes are expected and would be similar to last year’s model. No wonder, usually always after more profound as those of last year are similar models. Yes, now there would be a new color, pink . How about you?

Camera: The best yet

There are strong rumors that come last year, which ensure the camera is going to stick a giant leap into the new model. Specifically, the trusted blogger John Gruber says what, according to his sources, the iPhone 6S have a dual camera that allow you to capture DSLR quality photos .

Wow, hard to believe, because, to be honest, no phone can still impersonate a good compact. However this double lens is not new, as we saw in the HTC One M8, where it was used to eg change the focus of a photo once already taken.

These rumors are supported by other January (web United Daily News) also discussed the double lens, and even bring optical zoom .

Finally, the latest rumor comes from February, the web Taipei TImes where an analyst expects the iPhone 6S continue with the same 8 MP lifetime , and that the improvement will come rather by the side of the optical stabilization and other camera technologies. Who has the right?

Display: Sapphire crystal

It seems that this time will finally get the rumored display with sapphire crystal , which seemed to come in the iPhone 6 but ended postponed. You have to see how Apple will solve supply problems (who would do him sapphire panels broke). Failure to reach, an improved version of Gorilla Glass is also likely.

The other strong rumor speaks of the “Force Touch” technology , which uses the same Apple Watch. This technology is used to measure the pressure that makes your finger on the screen, so that you can execute different actions according to the force you use.

Hardware: What will be so powerful?

All indications are that the iPhone 6S include Apple A9 , 14 nanometer processor manufactured by rival Samsung. Being smaller than the previous A8 (20 nanometers) could free up space for other components such as the camera or battery. To complement it, come with 2GB of RAM , giving better multitasking. Remember that the iPhone 6 has only 1GB of RAM, this little 2015.

The picture is more clear on what is the battery or storage. It would be expected that the smaller version now is 32 GB , with 16 in a mobile that can not expand at a risk. Another possible feature: wireless charging, is that with Samsung and incorporating it into the Galaxy S6, Apple should not be left behind.

More rumors: Further improvement of the iPhone 6S

First, security analysts, the Touch ID could be improved to reduce the classic mistakes of scan modes that many users experienced since the time of the iPhone 5S. It is unclear how improved, but this time it should work better. The sensor follow the button “Home”.

Another important issue is the new operating system, IOS future 9 . No concrete rumors of new features, but is much talk that would focus on improving the stability and fluidity in use. At least this web sources say 9to5 Mac, usually reliable hearsay.

Apple plays with patents: new interesting features

Beyond the known rumors, Apple has registered several patents that may or may not incorporate new technologies and features on the iPhone 6S. This is very speculative, since companies often file patents for nearly every idea that comes to mind and most never materialize, but some could be the next surprise. Let’s see:

Sensor prints on the screen: A patent is a technology that could be directly integrated Touch ID on the screen, in a fixed place and across the surface of the screen. At its best, it would be able to detect several tracks at once … Is not it a lot?