Irony? Audience of Os Rejetados is forgotten in cinema in RJ

It sounds like a joke or even the plot of a movie, but it's not! Last Saturday (27), employees at a cinema in Rio de Janeiro forgot about some moviegoers who were at one of the film's screenings The Rejected (The Holdovers) and left, leaving the public trapped in the premises.

The case took place at the Estação Net Rio street cinema, on Rua Voluntários da Pátria, in Botafogo, in the South Zone of Rio de Janeiro.

According to an article in the newspaper O Globo, the Rio cinema was showing the last session of The Rejected, just before midnight, which was watched by around 40 people. That was when, to the surprise of those present, the lights in the place went out and the doors were locked.

Viewers, who expected to have fun leaving home to watch the film, ended up experiencing tense moments and felt, in fact, “rejected”.

According to the report, upon realizing that they had been forgotten inside the cinema, paying guests had to contact the police and even the fire department, making calls to the departments so that they could be rescued safely. Some people even asked for help from those who were passing by the cinema. However, the cries for help were not immediately responded to, given the strangeness of the situation.

The bizarre case lasted about 30 minutes. The situation was resolved when information that there were people trapped inside Estação Net Rio reached Estação Net Botafogo, a cinema headed by the same group and located on the same street. Two employees from the cinema chain went to the scene and freed the customers.

Cinema pronouncement

After all the controversy, Adriana Rattes, founding partner of Grupo Estação, spoke out and said that everything was a big “absurd and surreal” mistake. For O Globo, the businesswoman stated: “It was terrible, and no one imagined that this could happen. After 40 years in business, if we had done this more than once, we would no longer be working now. We have been digesting the matter all week. Imagine if these people had spent the night inside? I have nightmares just thinking about it.”

At the end of this story, the inattentive cinema employees were temporarily removed from their positions and the affected spectators received a treat: a courtesy kit and the right to a special session with drinks, food and other perks.

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