Is it better to connect all your devices to the router or some to a repeater? This you should know

Especially, you may have problems when downloading, using the cloud or watching streaming content. If the connection is not good, you could have difficulties and this translates into continuous outages or even not being able to use some Internet service that requires a more powerful connection.

Whenever you can, better use the router

The first thing you should know is that, whenever possible, the ideal is that you connect directly to the router. It is the best option to have a stable connection, with low latency and good speed. As long as the conditions are optimal, this is what you should do when you connect your computer, mobile phone, television or any other device.

Modern routers have the ability to connect many devices and you will not have problems. Furthermore, the connection will not go through an intermediate point, so there will be no loss of power or quality. If you use a poor quality repeater, for example, the maximum speed you will achieve will not be like that of the router.

The advantages By connecting directly to the router we can summarize them in greater speed, lower latency and, in general, greater stability so as not to have problems in your day-to-day life when browsing the network.

Therefore, under normal circumstances and whenever possible, it is best to connect to the router directly. It doesn't matter what device you are using. As long as you have coverage and the signal is adequate, this is better than connecting from another access point that you may have configured in your home.

Put the repeater away from the router

When to connect to the repeater

So when connect devices to the repeater? Wi-Fi repeaters are very useful to extend coverage in your home. If there are areas where the signal does not reach well, this type of device is your perfect ally so that the coverage improves and you can connect other devices, either wirelessly or also by cable.

They are also useful when you are going to connect in different places in the home. That is, you may be in a room close to the router, but also in another very far away and you need to use that repeater. These devices will allow you to maintain the connection even if you move around your house with your computer or mobile phone.

Additionally, another reason to connect to a repeater is when you need overcome some obstacle. You could be in a room where there is a wall or interference affecting the signal. By connecting to a repeater that is better located, you may have fewer problems surfing the web.

In short, if you are wondering if it is better to connect directly to the router or to a repeater, the answer is that it will depend. In general terms, the ideal is that you connect directly to the router. However, sometimes it will be necessary for you to use a repeater. The Internet may start to go bad when connecting a device due to saturation.

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