Is it better to set the automatic Wi-Fi channel or choose a fixed one?

Use the Wi-Fi channel proper, it is very important to make the signal work well. It is essential to avoid interference, especially when you use the 2.4 GHz frequency. Now, is it better to set the Wi-Fi channel to automatic or choose one manually? We are going to explain to you what you need to know so that you can achieve an optimal connection, without interference problems and thus have a good speed for browsing.

The key is to choose a channel that is not being used by your neighbors and, therefore, may be saturated. The more devices there are connected, the more routers that use it, the worse the connection will be. That is why it is essential to always use the correct one, so that the connection works as well as possible.

Whether or not to use automatic Wi-Fi channel

In general terms, we can say that it is normal to have the router configured so that it automatically connects to the best available Wi-Fi channel. This, on paper, is always going to be the best. However, it also has its disadvantages that you should know so as not to make a mistake when using it.


The first advantage is that it allows the router to choose the channel with less interference. Of all the options, you will always detect which one is going to work best. It will analyze which ones have the greatest saturation and are being used the most, to connect the router to a freer channel that works better.

Furthermore, another positive point is that you will not worry about everything. You won't have to constantly change the channel. Today there may be a more saturated channel and another day it may be another, so you would always have to be looking for which one is better. This work will be done by the router, automatically, without you having to do anything.

Therefore, the best thing, what we recommend you do, is to put the router in automatic mode to find the best channel. This is what will allow you to adapt to possible changing interferences and not have to worry about anything, since all this configuration will be done by your router.

Detects Wi-Fi intruders


However, not everything is positive. A disadvantage is that you are not going to have control. For example, there may be temporary interference with other devices and you know that it is advisable to use another channel, to keep the connection working as well as possible. When it switches automatically, it may not connect to the channel that you know will be best.

You may also want to use a specific channel so that it does not affect other connections close ones with which there could be conflict. For example, you may have two routers, with two different connections, and you want to select a channel, manually, in each case. If it is set to automatic, you will not be able to do it.

In short, to choose the best Wi-Fi channel, you can configure it automatically or set it manually. Our advice, except for the specific exceptions that we have explained, is that you always leave it automatically, which is, on the other hand, how your router probably already has it configured.

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