It's not just speed that matters: check if your Wi-Fi is suitable for online gaming

To play online, it is important to have good speed. Otherwise, you may have difficulty entering a match. However, keep in mind that it is not the only thing that matters. We are going to tell you what you should look at to know if your Wi-Fi is suitable so you can play online and not have any problems. You may encounter errors when starting a game or playing a certain video game.

Especially, problems when playing online can appear when we connect via Wi-Fi. It tends to be more unstable and it is common for the coverage to not reach as well as we would like. By cable, these problems are usually less present and we do not need to worry about it as much.

Watch the latency

Beyond looking at what Internet speed you have, it is essential that you check the latency or ping of the connection. If it is too high, this can lead to problems when playing. In extreme cases, you might not even be able to access a game. This is because it could affect other players.

Why might latency be high? For example, by being too far from the router. It can also happen if you connect through a VPN or are using a very busy connection. All of this can cause the ping to increase and, when playing online, this is a negative thing and you should control it.

Ping is measured in milliseconds and is basically the time it takes to arrive something you do during the game, to the rest of the players. This delay, if it is too high, will influence the game. You can also see it when making a video call. If you do it with a connection with a high latency, the image and sound will arrive with a delay and you will see that it is difficult to maintain a video call.

Therefore, the ideal is that you also analyze what latency your Wi-Fi connection has. Don't just stop at speed. If you see that it is high, try to lower the ping to save yourself problems, both when playing online and when browsing in general.

Is stable?

You should also check that the connection is stable. What can happen? You could have good network speed, but the connection starts to go very poorly when there is too many devices connected. As there is greater saturation, this could cause the Wi-Fi to start to go bad and you have problems when playing online.

You can analyze if you are using a very saturated Wi-Fi channel, For example. You might also see if the speed has constant up and down spikes, which could be an indicator that the connection is not stable. If so, you would have to take measures to try to improve it and make it more stable.

You can always use Wi-Fi repeaters, Mesh systems or PLC devices. With all these options, you will be able to improve the wireless connection and have fewer problems when playing online or simply browsing. Don't just focus on the speed, but you should also look at the latency and stability of the network.

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