Java technology allows you to view applications, graphics and video in your Web browser. You can also play video games and compatible phone with Java application. Some Chinese phones do not bring built. To use Java-based applications, you need to install it on the phone . If you have a USB cable and a program you can transfer sync and upload the files to your phone .


You will need

A USB cable A synchronization program

Java technology in Chinese phone




Download and install the latest version of Java on your computer, either from the Oracle Java Web site or from the Web site of the manufacturer of your phone . If you prefer, you can also download it from the internet service on your phone.



Double-click the downloaded file. Follow the installation wizard. Install the program on your computer. Restart the computer.




Download Jar Mobile downloads (Download Mobile Jar). Search the “Download Software Needed” section (Download the program required). Right click and select ” Unzip File “(Unzip file).



Connect the small end of the USB cable to your phone and the other end into an available USB port on your computer. Wait for the starts up program sync your phone . If you do not have one, contact your service provider.



Drag and drop the JAR files in the Sync panel. Click the “Sync” (Sync) button to install the program on your phone.

How to enable JavaScript in a mobile phone

Many mobile phones today are sold with integrated web browsers to system operation. These browsers allow users to view mobile versions of internet web sites and in some cases the entire site. Some sites work with JavaScript programming, which allows them to operate small programs like Internet clocks. If you have JavaScript disabled on your phone software you can not view the content on websites that have it enabled. You can enable it by activating the function in the system of your phone or via browser settings.