Joker from Florida gets discouraged and says he just wants to be in GTA 6

One of the most anticipated trailers in recent years was, unsurprisingly, that of Grand Theft Auto 6, which in addition to showing the game for the first time, also showed several nods to the real world. One of these possible references was that of Lawrence Sullivan, better known as the “Florida Joker”, a boy who went viral due to his similarity to one of the DC Comics versions of the character.

Since the Sullivan-like character made his appearance in the trailer, the boy has made several threats to sue Rockstar if he doesn't receive some type of financial compensation for the inspiration. Of course, the company did not comment on the matter, after all, despite being inspired, the developers took care to ensure that the character's face and tattoos did not match Lawrence's real appearance.

Despite the inspiration, the character's face and tattoos are differentDespite the inspiration, the character's face and tattoos are differentSource: Rockstar/Reproduction

Now that some time has passed and realizing that there is not much to be gained from the situation, Sullivan posted a video on TikTok saying he doesn't really want to sue Rockstar, but you want to talk to them about it. Still according to the boy, he would love to voice the character in GTA 6 and see him with an even greater participation in the game.

Rockstar and its inspirations

According to Lawrence, Rockstar owes it to him because people love him and this factor would have helped the game in some way. As we mentioned, it's very difficult to believe that Rockstar is taking the Florida Joker's statements seriously, especially after so many threats for something that wouldn't come to anything in court.

It is even worth remembering that actress Lindsay Lohan has already sued Rockstar for believing that the character Lacey Jonas (from GTA V) was inspired by her. The result was that the actress lost the case and the court understood that the possible inspiration or creation of a character similar to Lindsay was nothing more than a “cultural comment”.

When trying to sue Rockstar for the same reason, Lindsay Lohan got hurtWhen trying to sue Rockstar for the same reason, Lindsay Lohan got hurtSource: Tecmundo/Reproduction

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