We arrived about 12 am the enclosure where the festival day is celebrated (for those who do not know, Sonar by Day and Sonar by Night not share environment and do so in places quite far apart) and left direct the multidisciplinary space Sonar + D to see all kinds of technological developments. For starters, I was surprised that this year the venue hosts the conference, arranged at different levels or plants and of much greater dimensions than last year. As we clarified from the organization before starting the music festival (which is no longer just music) are betting big on the expansion and diffusion of creativity and new technology to get, in this way, a broad spectrum public. Lets talk about kickstarter projects.


After the initial shock, we had an appointment with one of the highlights of this Sonar + D, the press conference CEO of Kickstarter , a company that just landed in Spain to finance creative projects and new ideas. Yancey Strickler , founder of the company said in its complacence that this is the first time that Kickstarter has been translated into a language other than English. However, it recognizes that its growth is slowly but surely because, in his own words: “It was a complicated process and we wanted to put the Spanish creators in a position that would allow them to connect with American patrons, go outside Spain and connect to level . global ” Along the landing of Strickler, Sonar & D has also brought us to different projects or inventions funded Kickstarter that will explain summarized in the following video:

But perhaps most important of all it is that the visionaries, creative and Spanish inventors now have a support and a platform (not any) which have recourse to attract investors and finance their projects and ideas that otherwise would perhaps remained hidden in a drawer or somewhere in memory.