LG introduced its new top model: the G4. We see that brought back a mobile where leather, camera and the curves are the protagonists. What we had been waiting and discussing their rumors, but finally the LG G4 was introduced . A great revolution? Difficult, but with some new features that may again appeal to those who do not have a G3. Let surprises us with LG.

lg g4

Design: Leather and curves

The first novelty comes from the design side, because although it looks very similar to G3, almost the same size and weight, now the back cover can be ordered in leather of different colors. And it is not a plastic imitation as in the Note, this is genuine leather. Besides, the phone has a slightly curved design , much less clear that a G-flex, but enough to improve grip and protect more screen before a fall (as mentioned in our note of the curved screens ).

Of course, if you do not like the leather can opt for a conventional plastic housing. As a small detail, the back button is rectangular and not round as in the G3.

Camera: Better quality and new features

The camera sticks a rush to MP 16 , and the aperture is f / 1.8, so you can capture 80% more light than the G3. Another improvement is the new optical image stabilizer OIS 2.0, which will help the film. Clearly follows the auto-focus laser distinguishing feature of S3.

A new feature of photography who know appreciate is the ” Expert Mode “, where you can manually configure all : the white balance, focus, shutter and exposure values ​​could not play much detail in the G3. Even the pictures can be saved in RAW, crude format without loss of quality (which occupies a lot of space) and then edit them yourself. In short, useful for advanced users.

For those who are not experts, it is the new color spectrum sensor, which measures the RGB values ​​of ambient light and adjust the white balance, everything is to have more natural colors.