LG Signature T, the first transparent and wireless OLED television is now a reality

The CES in Las Vegas is one of the most important consumer electronics shows of the year. Most manufacturers usually take advantage of it to show their new products of the year, but also to show off the prototypes and concepts they always have in development. A few years ago we saw a prototype of a transparent LG television at this same fair. Well, now this prototype has become a reality in the new LG Signature T, a 77-inch TV with transparent and totally wireless OLED panel. A spectacular television that when turned off is basically a slightly opaque sheet of glass through which we can see what is behind it.

Transparent OLED technology is not new as such, since it was LG itself that presented it 6 years ago. However, this is the first time that the manufacturer includes a television with this technology in its catalog. More specifically, it will be within the Signature range, the most exclusive of the manufacturer. We do not know what price this model will have, but it will surely be accessible to very few users. What we do know is that The Korean manufacturer plans for the LG Signature T to hit the market at the end of the year.

LG Signature T: a transparent and wireless TV

The transparent panel of the LG Signature T means that we can place the television anywhere in the house, without the need for it to be against a wall or hanging from it. The TV can be placed on the floor, but The company seeks to offer solutions so that the panel can be used as a decorative element. For example, the shelf system that appears in the photos, which allows the integrated television to be placed on a shelf.

launch LG Signature T transparent OLED TV

To achieve that “freedom” the television uses the wireless connectivity system that we already know from the LG OLED M3 model. More specifically it comes with the Zero Connect Box, an external connectivity box which will allow us to connect the sources anywhere in the room and transmit the content to the OLED T from anywhere in the room.

To make the most of the features of this transparent OLED, LG has developed some exclusive widgets and features. This way, when we are not watching television or streaming content, we can enjoy the always-on transparent screen, which will display the time, calendar, weather and other information. Another option is the T Bar functionwhich can display information at the bottom of the screen, such as the weather, news alerts, and playing song titles, while maintaining a transparent, unobstructed view of what's behind it.

The television works with the new Alpha 11 AI processor from LG, with four times faster AI performance and a significant improvement in graphics performance and processing speed. In addition, for when we do not need transparent mode and we want to achieve higher image quality, the LG Signature T includes a contrast screen that can be placed behind the panel to have a black background. You can see it better in the following video:

In the video we can also see that some of the demos It almost looks like they are being played in 3D.. This is due to the depth offered by the transparent panel, creating a very interesting effect. It is true that perhaps this technology looks better in, for example, museums or art galleries, but if you have a lot of money it can be a rather curious whim.

Of course, those who have been able to see it assure that the image quality of the LG Signature T is not up to par with the Korean manufacturer's latest models, like the LG OLED G3 or the upcoming LG OLED G4. In short, perhaps we can see it more as a work of art than as a high-end television.

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