The CES 2015 is a clear battle of TVs. On one side is Samsung with its SUHD (Super Ultra HD) news from Sony and LG new models that go all are large, curved OLED and 4K resolution. Let’s talk about the new edition of lg tvs 2015.

The incredible OLED Tvs

We talk about big TVs, ranging from 55 to 77 inches with an understated design. If OLED , 4K bending and sound like a Chinese, we have a note where we will explain in detail . Anyway a quick summary:

– 4K: The resolution of the most modern televisions, reaching 4096 x 2160 px. This gives a much more detailed picture than the classic 1920 x 1080.

– Curved Television: Being curved, giving greater image depth, and generate greater immersion in what is being seen.

– OLED: Are the screens that you see in most modern phones, using some organic LEDS getting better color display with higher contrast.

lg tvs 2015

But besides these TVs LG 2015 has some other news. First, you can switch between the curved and the conventional way with the press of a button. They also use an operating system called Web OS 2.0 , with a fast and convenient interface. Thanks to Web OS 2.0 the TV light up to 60% faster and load applications more fluidly. They also offer 4K streaming content

In particular there are 7 models of these super televisions, and no doubt it will be very expensive , especially the flagship, the LG EG9900, 77 inches. We expect details of release dates.

Quantum Dot: LG LCD LED keeps

Anyway, does not abandon the classic LG LCD TV LED far as 2015 4K models incorporate a new technology called ” Quantum Dot “(Quantum Dot). Yes, the name does not say much, but is using a nano-crystals that emit colors according to their size. Thanks to this there is a better color gamut and brightness .

They are an interesting option if you want to spend the big bucks that will cost the OLED. The best model of LCD LED UF9500 is 79 inches diagonally and 8.5 mm. We expect pricing details and departure dates.

As a detail, LG also has a prototype 8K TV Resolution … !!! Truly end, it’s just very shocking to see all the detail they achieve. Sure they are not intended for common public television, something that big can cost many tens of thousands of dollars.