The Magic Jack is an internet based telephone service that allows you to make phone calls through your high connection speed . Although originally designed to operate with a DSL or Cable Internet connection, you can run the Magic Jack with 4G wireless connection. However, if the Magic Jack is not working properly, there are some options available to correct the problem.


Disconnect the Magic Jack computer, then plug it into a different USB port. Occasionally, some USB ports do not work with Magic Jack , and some connections even fall. When this happens, the computer can not use the Magic Jack until you connect to a different connection.

Magic Jack With 4G

Avoid moving your computer while you are on the 4G network. If you move the computer and lose the 4G network, your phone system Magic Jack will not work.

Open firewall settings in the “Control Panel” of your computer, select the Magic Jack as an “exception” to the firewall. If you do not, the computer will block all device features used by the Magic Jack .

Turn off your computer, wait a few minutes and then turn it back on. It is possible that the computer simply does not detect the Magic Jack that it is connected when the system starts.