The Magic Jack has been hailed as the best invention in the world of electronics today.  The Magic Jack allows free calls to U.S. and Canada from anywhere in the world. Using Magic Jack is simple, and can save hundreds of dollars a year on phone service.


Install a Magic Jack on your computer. You’ll need to install the application only once Magic Jack on your computer, although updates may be necessary. Once you’ve installed the application, you will be able to “connect and call” using Magic Jack .Magic Jack


Plug in the Magic Jack into the USB port of computer. Once connected, your computer should recognize the device ready for use. If not, follow instructions on the screen to activate the device.

Plug your phone line into a nearby electrical outlet, and wears wire phone from the back of the phone based on the port wired telephone your Magic Jack , which is connected to your USB port. You can use a phone or a wireless headset, as you would with a traditional phone line connection. The only difference with Magic Jack is that the phone goes through an Internet connection instead of a phone line.

Make any number in the U.S. or Canada and receive free calls anywhere in the world. This feature is great for college students and military personnel are stationed far across the ocean. This works because each Magic Jack is registered with a number of area code U.S.. If you have a family member across the ocean, Send them the Magic Jack , and while they have an internet connection of high speed, you will be able to dial your number in the U.S. for free.