Make your home smart for very little money with these offers

We recommend that you always purchase quality products from recognized brands. This will help you achieve optimal performance and not have problems when you need to automate something or remotely control a home appliance. It is essential to opt for devices that work well.

smart bulbs

A light bulb with Wi-Fi that you can find on sale is this model WiZ E27 type, 13W, with dimmable light and compatible with Alexa and Google Home. In addition, it has SpaceSense technology. This means it can detect when you enter or leave a room and turn on or off. You can find it by €13.97.

If you are looking for a quality model, you can find this pack of two bulbs Philips Hue in offer. They are E14 type and 5.5W. It is one of the best-selling smart light bulb brands. You can link them to Alexa and Google Home and easily control them from your mobile phone. You can purchase this pack at a reduced price of €24.97.

Another pack, in this case of four bulbs, is this one TP-Link Tapo L530E. They are E27 type and 8.7W. You can link them to both Alexa and Google Home. You can control the color easily, from your mobile. It is available on Amazon, on sale, for a price of €28.99 the four light bulbs.

One more option is this brand light bulb WiZ. In this case, it is type E14 and 4.9W. It has SpaceSense technology, so it can be turned on or off automatically, simply by entering or leaving a room. You can link it to Alexa and Google Home and adjust the tone of the light. You can buy it for €9.97.

Plugs with Wi-Fi

If you need a smart plug, you can buy this one TP-Link Tapo P100 at a reduced price. You will be able to link it to Alexa and Google Home. A device that is easy to use and configure, with which you will be able to turn on or off any appliance without having to be at home. It is available on Amazon for €10.90.

You can buy another pack of two plugs. In this case it is the model TP-Link Tapo P110. It has energy monitoring, so you can always know how much any device you have at home consumes. You can control it through Alexa and Google Home, in addition to programming the ignition. Available on sale, at a price of €23.99.

A third option is to have a smart power strip. You can buy this power strip TP-Link Tapo P300. It has three plugs, as well as three other USB ports. You will be able to control each outlet separately, to turn a device on or off remotely. You can use it with Google Home and Alexa. It is available for €34.99.

Home automation sensors

You can install many types of smart sensors in your home and one of them is a motion sensor. You can find, on sale, this brand WiZ. It has SpaceSense technology, to identify presence in a place. You can link it to Alexa and Google Home, for greater control. It is available at a price of €11.97.

Another option is this temperature and humidity sensor Aqara. It is ideal to know at all times what temperature it is inside the house, in a room, or to place it on the patio. Very useful to know when to turn on the heating, for example. You can buy it, on sale on Amazon, for €19.54.

Therefore, you have different options to start home automation for your home for little money. These are some devices that you can use in your daily life. Smart light bulbs, plugs or sensors are some devices where you can start. You can also use sensors for doors and windows, for example.

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