Mean Girls: how is the cast of the original film in 2024?

January began with the premiere of the new film Mean Girls in theaters, adapted from a musical that, in turn, was inspired by the original feature. Almost 20 years have passed since its theatrical debut, and much of the cast is still working on acting.

Mean Girls it starred Lindsay Lohan, Rachel McAdams, Lizzy Caplan, Lacey Chabert, Amanda Seyfried and others, and many of these actors stood out in various films and series. In addition to the younger cast, the film featured other acting veterans, such as Amy Poehler, Tina Fey and Tim Meadows.

If you're overcome by nostalgia with the newest release in theaters, the time has come to check out how the main characters of the film are doing. Mean Girls nowadays.

Jonathan Bennett (Aaron Samuels)

Jonathan Bennett in The Holiday Sitter, one of his last filmsJonathan Bennett in The Holiday Sitter, one of his last filmsSource: Hallmark Channel/Disclosure

The interpreter of the “heartthrob” of Mean GirlsJonathan Bennet, began his career in 2001. After the teen comedy, he participated in other productions such as Twelve is Awesome 2, SOS of Love, The Haunting of Sharon Tatebetween others.

Currently, the actor stands out for starring in Hallmark Channel Christmas movies, like the most recent The Holliday Sitterand in 2024 will be featured on Broadway with the musical Spamalot. In his personal life, he has been married to Jaymes Vaughan since 2022.

Daniel Franzese (Damian)

Actor Daniel Franzese has played small roles since Mean GirlsActor Daniel Franzese has played small roles since Mean GirlsSource: Reproduction/Instagram/Daniel Franzese

Actor Daniel Franzese, who played Damian, began acting in 2001. After Mean Girlswas part of some horror films such as Sweet Revenge, Cruel World It is Deadly Theoryas well as other small roles.

Franzese revealed his sexuality to the world in 2014, citing the character in the film Mean Girls. The actor was previously married, but separated in 2018.

Lizzy Caplan (Janis Ian)

Lizzy Caplan in the horror film Knock Knock Knock - Echoes from BeyondLizzy Caplan in the horror film Knock Knock Knock – Echoes from BeyondSource: Lionsgate FIlms/Disclosure

Actress Lizzy Caplan, who played Janis, Cady's best friend, began her career in 1999 and never stopped. After Mean Girlsshe starred in the film Cloverfield in 2008, in addition to participating in the comedy series Party Down.

Lizzy also did the series Masters of Sex It is Toby's New Lifein addition to the film Master Trick 2, and many others. One of his last appearances is in horror Knock Knock Knock – Echoes from Beyondreleased in 2023.

Caplan has been married to Tom Riley since 2017, and together the couple have a son born in 2021.

Lacey Chabert (Gretchen Wieners)

Lacey Chabert does several Hallmark Channel Christmas moviesLacey Chabert does several Hallmark Channel Christmas moviesSource: Hallmark Channel/Disclosure

Lacey Chabert, who played the character Gretchen Wieners in Mean Girls, started acting when he was still a child. The actress did some famous voiceovers, like Eliza in The Thornberrysand starred in several Hallmark Channel Christmas movies, as well as a few romance novels.

Lacey also voiced Supergirl in the animation Harley Quinnand his last film was Haul out the Holly: Lit Upreleased in 2023. The actress has been married since 2013 and has a daughter.

Amanda Seyfried (Karen Smith)

Amanda Seyfried in Hulu's The DropoutAmanda Seyfried in Hulu's The DropoutSource: Hulu/Disclosure

Karen Smith's interpreter, Amanda Seyfried, made her film debut in Mean Girls and has watched his career take off since then. After the teen comedy, the actress participated in plots such as the hit Mamma Mia!The horror Hell Girlcomedy Ted 2among many others.

Amanda Seyfried's latest highlights are the series The Dropoutwhich won her an Emmy, and The Crowded Room, from Apple TV+. Both series were highly praised by the public and critics.

Amanda Seyfried has been married since 2017 and has two children.

Rachel McAdams (Regine George)

Rachel McAdams in Growing Up Together, 2023 filmRachel McAdams in Growing Up Together, 2023 filmSource: Sony Pictures/Disclosure

In addition to starring in Mean Girls As the cruel Regina George, Rachel McAdams starred in many successful romantic comedy films. Her portfolio includes productions such as Diary of a passion, A matter of time It is Under the Same Sky.

McAdams was also nominated for an Oscar for best supporting actress for the film Spotlight: Secrets Revealedreleased in 2015. The actress also participated in the series True Detectivean HBO hit.

Recently, the actress became a topic on the internet for declaring that she was never interested in participating in commercials or viral videos. Mean Girls. In her personal life, Rachel McAdams is married and has two children.

Lindsay Lohan (Cady Heron)

Lindsay Lohan in the film A Little Christmas, 2022Lindsay Lohan in the film A Little Christmas, 2022Source: Netflix/Disclosure

Actress Lindsay Lohan, who played the character Cady Heron, had a troubled life after Mean Girls. She grew up with the media from childhood, starring in several comedy films, and suffered the consequences of the exposure.

Even so, Lohan managed to overcome the obstacles and is still one of the most popular actresses in the United States. In her personal life, Lindsay is married and has a son.

In addition to Mean Girlshis work can be seen in productions such as Freaky Friday, Cupid operation and the most recent A Little Christmasfrom Netflix.

The adult cast of Mean Girls also continued his career. Amy Poehler and Tina Fey, for example, are great artists in American comedy, and Tim Meadows has been part of other successful comedy films over the past few years.

The new Mean Girls is now available in cinemas across Brazil, and the original film can be watched on Netflix, Globoplay and Paramount+.

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