When you buy a new computer, one of the biggest problems is to transfer your files to another PC. You can use an external drive to transfer your music, saving money and time.

Copy to an external disk

Connect the external drive to a USB drive on your old computer. Open “My Computer” and select the device detailed units.

transfer songs

Open “My Music” and highlights all the files you want to transfer to the new computer. Drag the files from “My Music” to the external drive.
Wait until the files are copied, you will see that the watch glass along the muse pointer disappears or the status bar is complete. Safely eject the hard drive, go to “My Computer”, right click on the external drive and select “Safely remove”. Disconnect the USB hard disk drive.

Copy to new computer

Connect the external drive in a free USB drive on your new computer. Open “My Computer” to locate the external drive.

Open the “My Music” folder on the internal drive in a new window.

Select files songs on the external drive and drag them to the folder on the internal disk.

Wait for the files to be copied. Wait for the process to finish and safely remove the device as explained above.

Add files to your DVD media to run it through the start menu or the desktop icon. Choose “File” followed by “Add Folder to Library”. Select the folder where the new music and expected to appear in the library before closing the program.