Mercado Livre launches service that promises to pay up to R$4,000 for used cell phones

Mercado Livre launched in recent days the Exchange Plan, a service that pays for used cell phones. The new modality guarantees costs of up to R$4,000 for used smartphones.

The news was not officially announced by the e-commerce giant, but an official page is already available. The website even shows cell phone models that accept exchanges.

Despite being called “Exchange Plan”, the system does not work exactly like a device exchange. In truth, Interested parties must first buy a new cell phone on the Mercado Livre website and only then will he receive the value of your used car. The amount received for the used product is transferred to a Mercado Pago account and can be used however the person wishes.

Free marketThe Exchange Plan page is now live with all the information about the program (Image: Reproduction/Mercado Livre)

Among the devices that can be purchased by those interested in the scheme are models such as the iPhone 14 Plus, iPhone 15 Pro Max, Galaxy S23 and the recently launched Galaxy S24.

In the frequently asked questions section, Mercado Livre also explains that users who want to sell their devices must meet some requirements. Although the cell phone does not need to be in perfect condition, the device used must turn on and function properly.

Furthermore, the owner needs to inform the IMEI and detail the condition of the product to be informed about the amount that the online store will pay.

How does the Mercado Livre Exchange Plan work?

The Mercado Livre Exchange Plan accepts devices from “almost all brands”. The list of accepted manufacturers is provided on the page of each cell phone that can be purchased in this modality.

Check out the step-by-step guide below how the Mercado Livre Exchange Plan works:

  • 1. To access the Exchange Plan, the person needs to choose a cell phone that appears on the program's list of eligible products;
  • two. The Exchange Plan will be conditional on receipt of the new cell phone and within 7 calendar days the customer will not be able to request the return of the new product;
  • 3. When purchasing the product eligible for exchange, there will be a tool for quoting the value of the used smartphone. In the tool, the person will be able to view the eligible models and brands that are accepted;
  • 4. After the data on the cell phone used has been entered, the quotation platform will provide an estimate of how much that product is worth. This value may not be final, as the product will undergo a new analysis when delivered to Mercado Livre;
  • 5. After 7 days of delivery of the new cell phone that was purchased on Mercado Livre, the person must hand over the used cell phone. Delivery can be made via post office or collection at home, both of which are free;
  • 6. After the used smartphone is shipped, it will undergo an inspection to assess whether there is conformity between the condition of the product and what was reported in the quote tool;
  • 7. If the inspection assesses that the smartphone corresponds to what was reported, the user will receive a refund for the exchange via Mercado Pago within a period of up to 2 business days.

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