Meta will allow European users to decide on data tracking between apps

The Goal will need to comply with the Digital Markets Law (DMA) of the European Union (EU) and let users decide about data sharing between company sites. The new rules come into force on March 7th.

According to the EU, Meta is a “gatekeeper” company, that is, a gatekeeper that controls access. It has a series of products among the “core platform services”: Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp, Messenger and Marketplace. Therefore, it should not combine data between platforms without user consent.

In the coming weeks, Meta will start sending notifications to users in European Union member countries and Switzerland, offering usage options. The new feature can also be found in the Accounts Center, to separate everything or leave it together.

Despite leaving the choice to users, Meta created some obstacles. Users who decide to buy something through the Marketplace, for example, will not be able to use Messenger to communicate with the seller, only email. Players using Facebook Gaming will also be impacted, being prevented from accessing multiplayer games.

Meta needs to adapt to the new rules by March 7th.Meta needs to adapt to the new rules by March 7th.Source: GettyImages

This happens because the law restricts big tech's ability to process data for advertising use. The economic bloc has already contested these impositions. Among the new DMA rules, It needs to be easy to withdraw or provide consent to data sharing.

“In particular, access controllers should not be allowed to ask end users, more than once a year, to give consent for the same processing purpose for which they initially did not give consent or withdrew their consent”, highlights the regulation.

If any company violates the Digital Markets Law, the European Commission can impose a fine of up to 10% of the global annual business value.

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