Microsoft becomes 2nd company in the world with a market value of US$ 3 trillion

Microsoft got it exceed the market value of US$ 3 trillion this Wednesday (24) thanks to a new appreciation in the company's shares. It is the second company in history to achieve this feat.

Before it, only Apple reached this barrier and remained above US$3 trillion after the Stock Exchange closed. At the moment, Apple is the most valuable company in the world with a valuation of US$3.02 trillion, while its rival has a capitalization of US$3.01 trillion.

Microsoft's market situation in recent months.Microsoft's market situation in recent months.Source: Google Finance/Reproduction

The Windows owner's achievement was possible thanks to a 1.5% increase in the company's shares, causing them to be sold at US$404.72. At the beginning of the year, it momentarily became the most valuable company in the world as it took advantage of its rival's decline.

The company is expected to detail the market situation on January 30th. On this date, the brand will release the financial report for the second quarter of fiscal 2024.

Microsoft expanded in games and AI

Microsoft's entry into the list of US$3 trillion companies follows its arrival in the “trillion club” in 2016. The barrier of US$2 trillion in market value was conquered by it in mid-2021.

Positive performance is a hallmark of CEO Satya Nadella's management, in the role of executive manager since 2014. It was under his management that the company restructured its priorities and began to focus on certain sectors.

Satya Nadella, CEO of Microsoft.Satya Nadella, CEO of Microsoft.Source: Getty Images/Reproduction

Much of the company's current performance is the responsibility of artificial intelligence (AI). Microsoft has a popular cloud storage service for the corporate sector, Azure, as well as Copilot, a chatbot and intelligent assistant platform.

The Xbox division is also important for this account. Despite drops in revenue from console sales, Game Pass remains popular and the acquisition of conglomerates ZeniMax and Activision Blizzard only increases the brand's value.

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