Microsoft confirms major Windows 11 update; see details

The Windows 11 24/7 update is on the way, according to a Microsoft support document discovered by the website Windows Latest, this Friday (2). In one of the components of the file, the company mentioned a structural change planned for the compilation.

The mention is in the excerpt of the “EnumDeviceDrivers” function, a component used by developers and system administrators to manage drivers. In it, Microsoft mentions that starting with Windows 11 24H2, the feature will require “SeDebugPrivilege” to return valid values.

The document excerpt mentions a structural change in Windows 11 24H2.The document excerpt mentions a structural change in Windows 11 24H2.Source: Windows Latest/Reproduction

Although the document and function description are more interesting for developers, The mention of Windows 11 24H2 indicates that the update is in development. Furthermore, it reinforces that Microsoft still intends to focus on the current edition of the operating system.

AI-Focused Update

The text in question does not give any clues about what's new in the update, but rumors suggest that it will be a major update, both in terms of functions and the structure of the operating system.

According to the Windows Central, package development is treated as a priority within Microsoft. The build would be what was expected for Windows 12, but still implemented in Windows 11.

Therefore, users can expect interesting new features such as closer integration with Copilot, interface changes and more AI in native applications and services.

When will Windows 11 24H2 be released?

For now, There is no concrete information about the Windows 11 24H2 release. However, the codename suggests that it will be the major system update for 2024 and these updates usually take place between September and October.

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