Microsoft Graveyard gathers data from programs 'killed' by the company; check out

Inspired by the website Killed by Googledeveloper Victor Frye opened Microsoft Graveyard, a virtual cemetery for the company's discontinued services. When abandoned by the company, products and platforms gain a space on the website.

The “Microsoft cemetery” already has a list of dozens of abandoned products. Among the services listed are Cortana, Windows Mixed Reality and Windows 8.1.

The Microsoft cemetery lists products that have already been abandoned and leaves open spaces for services with a specific end date.Source: Microsoft Graveyard/Reproduction

The list also includes services with a fixed end datesuch as Windows 10, whose support is expected to end in November 2025, and the Xbox 360 Store, scheduled to end in July this year.

Each of the Microsoft Graveyard items is linked to a Wikipedia page or article, where the user can find more information about the service.

Microsoft Graveyard is an open source project and anyone can contribute to the GitHub page.

The Microsoft Graveyard is the second cemetery dedicated to services abandoned by MS. In 2022, “Killed by Microsoft” was inaugurated, another project with a very similar proposal, also inspired by “Killed by Google.

Likewise, the older site also accepts contributions from the community and is open for queries on GitHub.

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