Microsoft will use AI to collaborate with journalists and universities

Microsoft has entered into partnerships with journalistic outlets and universities to collaborate with artificial intelligence (AI). The company wants to learn about ways in which AIs can help create healthy business models in the sector.

In a post on the official blog, Microsoft highlighted how it will work together with each of the partners. “These collaborators are established industrial groups, academic leaders, references in local news and global newsrooms that seek to educate, experiment, lead and scale AI solutions that support the segment”, explains the company.

The partnership with journalism outlets and universities seeks to find ways of collaboration between AI and professionals.Source: GettyImages

One of the most relevant partners, Semafor, will use the capabilities of the models to facilitate investigations, search for sources, translations and more. With Nota, a startup dedicated to developing AI tools, The support will be in expanding reach through social networks and ranking in search engines.

Microsoft's other partners include The Craig Newmark Graduate School of Journalism, The Online News Association and The GroundTruth Project.

For Microsoft, working directly with journalists, organizations and universities can help them reach new audiences, speed up workflow and create more efficient operations.

The company's goal is to “support thriving, sustainable newsrooms with the technology they need to perform the essential function of informing the world.”

According to Microsoft, The new feature is part of the company's commitment to developing sustainable journalism. The company seeks to “reduce risk and restore trust” in the news ecosystem.

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