The convenience of technology mobile phones or cell has changed the way businesses and phone calls are made. The only way to make better mobile phones or cell is free if you could call them. Here’s how to make free calls to mobile phones or cell using a PC with an internet connection to keep in touch with family and friends.


Learn about VoIP. Systems’ Voice over Internet Protocol “let you make phone calls normal Internet. Instead of using standard telephone line to make phone calls, your computer do all the work your phone normally, using data transfer rather standard telephone technology. Some programs let you make calls from PC to PC and connect to voice chat via instant messaging programs.

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Sign up for a similar VoIP service that is available in Barablu (see Resources). Here, you can register and make free calls to mobile phones or cell phones of your friends. You’ll have to open up an account on the service and download your program to the PC.

Install VoIP software and make sure you have a microphone connected to your PC. No need to use a microphone really expensive, but you should make sure that you can project your voice clearly. Find out where you should place the microphone for maximum clarity. VoIP services have different installation methods. Some are web-based as that Yahoo! offers and only requires that you identify in the Yahoo! Phone service to download and run Yahoo! Messenger messaging software. Other VoIP services such as Skype (see Resources), they need to purchase the software at an electronics store, install the software provided on the CD-ROM and run the program from your desktop.

Enter the phone number you want to call the service Barablu, Messenger, or Skype you’re using. Press ‘Call’ button.

Having your microphone connected to your PC using the connector microphone . Listen to the call through the speakers of your PC. Once you answer your friend, you can talk using the microphone and speakers of your PC. The call will be free for you. You can talk all you want, and your friend can move in handset.