Today, the ubiquitous cell act as another appendage for many people. We use cell phones to call, send e -mails or surf the Internet. But in exchange for this, there are some disadvantages of mobile technology to consider.

The cellular and other mobile technology devices have created a way for people to easily get in contact around the world. The 30 minute ride by bus to home can now give you the opportunity to call an old friend or get some work through a call conference .

mobile technology

In 2009, approximately 71% of men and 77% of women have used their phones to help in an emergency situation.

Mobile Office
With mobile email and smart phones with data programs, the cell can be used to do business from anywhere.

Children and mobile devices
Parents may choose to cellular and mobile devices to enable their children communication, improve safety and control location. Many phones now come with a built-in GPS that can locate a lost child.

Almost 32% of men and 23% of women have admitted to having driven while they were distracted by cell in 2009. Many people live without land-line phone, so if your phone battery runs out, did not have a telephone.