MSI MAG 341CQP, new generation QD-OLED panel and 175 Hz for the new MSI gaming monitor

With each new launch it becomes clearer that 2024 is going to be the year of monitors with OLED technology. After seeing the proposals from manufacturers such as Acer or ASUS, today it is MSI's turn. The well-known manufacturer of gaming devices has announced the launch of the MSI MAG 341CQP, a spectacular monitor with a second-generation QD-OLED panel and a 175 Hz refresh rate. Since the first leak that appeared in 2022, the manufacturer ensures that it has perfected every aspect of this monitor to offer the best possible gaming experience.

The MSI ARSENAL GAMING (MAG) series is designed to offer the most demanding gamers reliable and durable equipment. Beyond offering the greatest performance; MSI's MAG series follows a design language that conveys robustness and toughness. The new 341CQP joins the manufacturer's MAG range to offer gamers a screen with premium features and a robust design. Let's take a look at everything this new QD-OLED monitor from MSI offers.

MSI MAG 341CQP: a monitor with a curved QD-OLED panel and much more

MSI's MAG 341CQP is equipped with a 2nd generation curved QD-OLED panel. It offers a diagonal of 34 inches in 21:9 format, with UWQHD resolution (3440 x 1440 pixels) and curvature 1800R. As you already know, the QD-OLED is composed of an OLED panel and Quantum Dot technology, which guarantees exceptional image quality through precise control of pixel lighting and perfect black scenes.

new MSI MAG 341CQP monitor front

Beyond QD-OLED technology, the MSI MAG 341CQP offers a refresh rate of 175Hz and an ultra-fast response time of 0.03ms (GtG). It has VESA certification for ClearMR 9000, a new standard for on-screen motion performance. The CMR range represents a range of blur performance based on the ratio of clear pixels versus blurry pixels as a percentage.

Unlike LEDs, QD-OLED technology achieves greater control over the level of pixel dimming to deliver pure black scenes without the dreaded blooming effect. The MAG 341CQP has DisplayHDR True Black 400 certificationwhich ensures that the device can display better contrast with higher color performance.

And speaking of color, the 341CQP comes pre-calibrated from the factory, with a Delta-E <2. It also offers coverage of 99% of DCI-P3 color space thanks to the use of quantum dots. Also has Adaptive-Sync technology for smoother visuals in games.

OLED technology offers some doubts regarding its durability due to the burn-in problems suffered by some televisions. To avoid them, monitor manufacturers offer some solutions. For example, the QD-OLED panel of the MAG 341CQP is equipped with a graphene film which serves to dissipate heat. It also incorporates custom heat sinks to offer effective cooling but without a fan. It also has other important functions, such as taskbar detection either logo detection.

new MSI MAG 341CQP rear monitor

In terms of connectivity, the MSI MAG 341CQP has DisplayPort 1.4a, two HDMI 2.1 ports and a port USB-C with 15W PD. It also includes a USB Hub, two USB Type A ports and a headphone output. It is also equipped with a KVM switch, which will allow us to control several devices using a keyboard and mouse set.

One last detail. The MSI MAG 341CQP is equipped with a special mode called “Console mode”. This supports the function VRR optimized at 1440p resolution to be able to enjoy the new generation consoles with the highest image quality. Lastly, MSI has relocated the Joystick Navigator 5-way display at the bottom center of the back of the screen, giving users a more comfortable and ergonomic experience.

He MSI MAG 341CQP will reach some markets end of January 2024 and will be launched in various territories during this year. The price of the monkey is currently unknown.

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