Netflix: 7 trending dramas to watch on streaming now

A Netflix is one of the platforms streaming with the widest catalog for those who enjoy dramas. There is a wide range of Asian drama series that suit all tastes: from those who prefer romantic plots to those who want to delve into more tense narratives.

If you're looking for a new work to follow, Minha Série is here to help! Check out 7 popular drama options to watch on Netflix today.

1. My Favorite Demon

South Korean production My Favorite Demon entered the Netflix catalog in December, and has already gained many fans, quickly reaching the top 10 of streaming. The story has a supernatural air: it talks about the love affair between a young heiress and a demon who lost his powers.

Do Do-hee (Kim Yoo-jung) is an arrogant young woman, heiress to the Mirae F&B conglomerate. She meets Jeong Gu-won (Song Kang), a demon who managed to obtain eternal life due to suspicious agreements that were established with humans. However, the price he paid is the loss of his power.

In an attempt to get them back, he enters into a marriage of convenience with Do-hee. But it is clear that this business relationship will soon lead to deeper feelings.

two. True Beauty

Produced in 2020, True Beauty talks about Im Joo Kyung (Moon Ga Young), a super cool schoolgirl who has problems with her appearance. She simply does not accept being seen in public without makeup, and became self-taught in the subject with the help of internet videos.

Only one person has ever seen her without the makeup “mask”: Lee Su Ho (Cha Eun Woo), one of the best students at school, and also one of the most beautiful and coveted by girls. Lee Su Ho also has secrets from his past. Throughout the series, the fate of the two will get closer and closer.

3. My Turn to Love

My Turn to Love is among the most anticipated dramas of the year. It tells the story of Chu Ai (Chan Tzu-hsuan), a influencer who has a channel about sexual education on social media. She talks about sexual freedom and maintains a colorful friendship with Ping-ke (Kai Ko).

Even though she seems well-rounded in public, Chu Ai faces problems in her private life. Older sister, Chu Wei (Kimi Hsia), is going through problems with her husband Shih-chieh (Umin Boya), and her brother Yu-sen (JC Lin) has just broken up with his boyfriend. Her own parents (Miao Ke-li and Hong Sheng-te) face difficulties. Chu Ai starts to wonder if she can help everyone.

4. Kingdom of Conquest

For fans of period dramasKingdom of Conquest is a great option. The series tells the story of two friends who become rivals, but, amid struggles for power, they discover new things and even love.

The main characters are King Lee In (Jo Jung-Suk) and balduk player Kang Hee-Soo (Shin Se-Kyung). From being friends, they become bitter rivals, in a relationship marked by class differences and the desire for revenge. But new feelings will also interfere in this complicated relationship.

5. In ruins

In ruins is a South Korean film present in the Netflix catalog. Actor Don Lee (from Zombie Invasion) lives a hunter in a dystopian world, who fights for his survival after an earthquake occurs in Seoul.

He plays Nam-san, a guy who decides to save a young girl who was kidnapped by an insane doctor and who keeps her captive while carrying out terrible experiments. This is for those who like stronger emotions.

6. Living in the Red

(Source: Netflix)(Source: Netflix)Source: Netflix

For those who enjoy more controversial dramas, the film Living in the Red It's excellent – and spicy. Directed in 2023, it tells the story of a criminal willing to start over and a young woman. Together, they live a tragic love story.

Som is the daughter of a sex worker, and Ter is the young criminal. They meet in a devastated Bangkok and, unexpectedly, end up connecting and discovering that they want to be together. But of course, many obstacles will appear in your path.

7. Love Against the Rules

(Source: Netflix)(Source: Netflix)Source: Netflix

Finally, Love Against the Rules brings a fun and happy story, with touches of comedy. The drama tells of Otori Keisuke, who attends a prestigious high school. At this school, the environment is strict so that students only focus on their studies, and are prohibited from dating. If this happens, they are expelled.

It turns out that Otori falls in love for the first time in his life, and is not willing to give up on his love. Although his own colleagues try to stop him from going against the rules, his feelings will be stronger and he will soon have everyone's support, in a very funny plot.

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