Netflix receives 6 major films and series this week! See list

Image from: Netflix receives 6 major films and series this week!  See list

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If you're a viewer who's always looking for good movies and series to watch on Netflix, we have good news: you're in the right place! This week, the streaming giant will receive several hot new additions to its already vast catalog and we, at Minha Série, look into which titles are likely to be most successful among the platform's users, climbing to the infamous streaming top 10.

In the coming days, Netflix will bring its customers new original series and some already known to the general public, as well as some very interesting films that are worth checking out. But, after all, what productions are these and what are they about? Below, see a list of the 6 main works that landed in the red market this week and stay up to date with everything!

6 – My Turn to Love (02/02)

How about starting the list with a high-spirited series, full of comedy and drama? If the idea appeals to you, you need to watch My Turn to Love, a Taiwanese series that promises to warm the hearts of romantics on duty. “Vlogger Chu Ai uses her channel to talk openly about sex. But in real life the subject is much more difficult to deal with”, says the official synopsis of the work, directed by Remii Huang.

5 – Alexandre: The Birth of a God (31/01)

Does that mean you're obsessed with history? In that case, we have a golden tip to share with you: Alexander: The Birth of a God. The British series, which features interviews with experts and realistic reconstructions, shows the trajectory of Alexander the Great, a ruler who dreamed of conquering the world. The title is directed by Hugh Ballantyne and promises to shed light on one of the most intriguing stories in the history of humanity.

4 – Baby Bandito (01/31)

Next, we have a Chilean work full of drama and action to present to you. We're talking about Baby Bandito, an original Netflix series that premieres this Wednesday and promises to engage streaming subscribers. Based on a true story, the series has the following plot: “His name is Kevin Tapia, but in Europe, he is known as Baby Bandito. This is the story of the skateboarder behind the robbery of the century in Chile.”

Get ready for intense scenes with this South American thriller!

3 – The Tourist (01/02)

The HBO Max

With actor Jamie Dornan (Fifty Shades of grey) in the lead role, the series The tourist is another big release that Netflix will give as a gift to its viewers this week. In the narrative, “when a man wakes up in the Australian outback with no memory, he must use the few clues he has to discover his identity before his past catches up with him.”

Created by Harry Williams and Jack Williams, the attraction is a perfect mix of action, suspense and drama and is worth watching if you are after a mysterious and surprising production!

2 – Best Sellers – The Last Tour (30/01)

Now, it's time for a valuable tip for those who are more into films. Directed by Lina Roessler, Best Sellers – The Last Tour premieres this Tuesday (29) on Netflix and promises to be a great option for those looking for a light but exciting story. “A young editor accompanies a reclusive writer who needs to go on a book tour. In this, the two end up going through a transformative experience”, reveals the synopsis of the film, which features Michael Caine and Aubrey Plaza in the central roles.

1 – Living in Red (01/02)

To close the list with a flourish, a Thai film, one of those that may go unnoticed at first glance, but which certainly deserves a handful of attention. With strong elements of drama and suspense, Living in the Red bets on the following plot: “Determined to start over, a criminal and a young student cling to their dreams as they seek to leave the communities of Bangkok.” The film is directed by Ekalak Klunson and features moving sequences.

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