Buying a new computer can cause anxiety when trying to figure out how to migrate all your files from the old computer to the new. For those who do crafts at home and have a Cricut machine, the Cricut DesignStudio software is versatile to accommodate all your projects and save tool. Not only do you need to install the software on the new computer, you’ll also want to move all your saved projects.
new computer


Start your old computer. Browse to the folder where you saved all templates DesignStudio. The standard location for your files is “MyDocuments / Cricut / Projects” (My Documents / Cricut / Projects).

Insert the USB flash drive into a USB port, the computer expects to recognize.
Click the “Computer” icon on your computer and browse to the folder on the USB port under “Removable Media”.

Copy all files located in the folder where the Cricut templates. Navigate to the USB folder and paste the wait to be copied and then removed all the USB memory key.

Turn on your new computer. Insert the CD that comes with your DesignStudio software. Follow the installation requests. Accept the user agreement and click “Finish” when the installation is complete.

Connect your Cricut to the computer by placing the thick end of the USB cable into the port next to the power port on the side rear of the Cricut and the USB end to your new computer. Allows the computer will recognize and install the required drivers.

Double-click on the DesignStudio icon on your desktop to launch the program.

Enter the number , serial number and product key in the boxes indicated on the DesignStudio page. Click “Activate using the Internet.” Click “OK” after the successful activation message appears.

Insert the USB flash drive into an available USB port on the new computer. Allows the computer to recognize it and install.

Open the “Documents” folder on your desktop. If the Cricut folder has not been created, create it by clicking on the “New Folder” icon. Remember the name of the folder so that you can navigate to it from the DesignStudio software anytime access the stored templates.

Open the “Computer” folder on your desktop and navigate to the USB memory under “Removable Media”.

Copy the files in the folder and paste them into the folder templates designed for the Cricut.