New portable console runs PS2 and has a Full HD screen! Discover the Anbernic RG556

The portable console market is about to receive a new strong competitor: the Anbernic RG556. This device promises to bring the ability to emulate games Playstation 2, in addition to running Android operating system titles. The manufacturer, known for its portable devices, appears to be looking to expand its reach with this launch, which is still surrounded by expectations and speculation due to the limited information officially released.

The RG556 has attracted attention not only for its promise of PS2 emulation, but also for its supposed technical specifications. Leaked information suggests hardware capable of offering a satisfying gaming experience, but we are still waiting for official confirmations to fully understand its potential.

Source: Anbernic – YouTube

Anbernic RG556 technical specifications

According to leaks, the device must be equipped with a Unisoc T820 processoraccompanied by a Mali-G57 GPU. It is expected that the 5.5 inch screen of the device operates in Full HD resolutionwhich would be a significant advance compared to the brand's previous models.

Rumors indicate that this screen could be OLED, promising better image quality with more vibrant colors and deeper blacks. However, details such as the amount of RAM and internal storage have not yet been confirmed.

Design and performance

The RG556's design appears to be an evolution compared to previous Anbernic models, with ergonomic curves and buttons and triggers more appropriate for modern games. The company gave a first glimpse of the device through a video on its YouTube channel, in which you can see the console running popular PS2 games like God of War II, Half-Life and the series Devil May Cry. Additionally, performance on Android titles such as Genshin Impact It is Honor of Kings.

This demonstration suggests that the laptop will not only have an attractive design, but will also be capable of offering good gaming performance, especially considering emulation of PlayStation 2 titles.

Price and release date

So far, there is no official information about the release date or price of the RG556. According to speculation based on information from the DroiX website, the device is expected to be launched after Chinese New Year, possibly in early March 2024. As for the price, there are no details yet, but it will probably be a competitive value, especially taking into account account of the promised features and market positioning of Anbernic.

Currently, the manufacturer is running a survey on its website asking for opinions from the community. The company asks about the colors of the product and the price level that would please the public, ranging from US$100 to US$200.

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