New Quick Share may take some time to launch on PC; understand

To solve the problem of having two sharing apps on its Galaxy models, Samsung collaborated with Google to merge its Quick Share with Nearby Share. The announcement, made by the two companies at the beginning of the year, allows the union of file transfer capabilities on Android devices, PCs and Chromebooks.

However, the version of the improved app for Windows PCs should take a little longer to be released. The two software should continue to coexist until the third quarter of 2024, according to a moderator of the South Korean official forum.

SamsungSamsung's Quick Share makes it easy to exchange files from smartphones with different owners (Image: Disclosure/Samsung)

In the advertisement, released by 9to5Googlethe manufacturer revealed that the latest version of Quick Share has been distributed via the Galaxy Store since February 1st. The update window will last until February 16th. They also announced that the Nearby Share feature will be removed from Samsung's Galaxy devices.

Confusion in Windows

After detailing the implementation schedule for the new functionality for mobile devices, Samsung's announcement mentions, at the end of the “Major Improvements” item, that “the versions of Quick Share and Nearby Share for PC are being considered for integration in 3Q 2024” .

The information draws attention, as the company recently updated the software and included the new Quick Share logo, but support for Nearby Share was not added in the update.

The new version of Quick Share is already being distributed through the Galaxy Store (Image: Reproduction/Samsung)The new version of Quick Share is already being distributed through the Galaxy Store (Image: Reproduction/Samsung)Source: Samsung

This means we will have to wait until at least September to use the unified version of both applications on Windows.

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