New season of Supernatural coming? Please do not!

After 15 long seasons, Supernatural came to an end on the CW in 2020. Started in 2005, the production starring Jensen Ackles and Jared Padalecki was the longest in the network's history and, no wonder, since the series collected a legion of passionate fans around the world over the 15 years it was shown on TV.

Now, four years after the end of Supernatural, buzz began to flow among those involved with the production of the series. In conversations with fans in December, Padalecki spoke about the future of the duo of protagonists of Supernatural and hinted that the series may return.

When asked what happened to Sam and Dean after they met again in heaven, Padalecki responded:

“I have some ideas, and I hope that now that the writers and actors are back [da greve]may we reunite.” Jensen Ackles added that fans can “stay tuned” as “there are conversations going on about this [retorno da série]”.

Should Supernatural return?Supernatural was originally developed to end in season five (Photo: CW)

The news, of course, gave a lot of hope to fans, who are already asking for the series to return. But is Dean and Sam Winchester's return really a good idea?

First, it is important to pay attention to the most basic things: audience and profit. Regarding this, it seems that the series can maintain itself, considering the huge fan base that the main duo has to this day. In 2019, the president of the CW, Mike Pedowitz, even said that the production would continue on the air as long as it had an audience for it.

Therefore, the decision to end the series came from the writers and actors themselves. Supernatural, who confirmed that season 15 would be the final point the brothers needed. In other words, a decision made by the creative team itself.

Why shouldn't Supernatural return?

After 15 seasons, it has become clear that the universe of the series is, indeed, quite vast and that it can yield countless plots for the brothers. Over the years, we've seen a little bit of everything in the series: heaven, hell, urban legends and several resurrections (more than would be creatively recommended).

Yes, the universe of Supernatural offers a scope for new stories, but as the actors and production already stated, it needed an end.

Series is already saturated

What few people know is that Supernatural was originally planned to end in the fifth season (and that's why the series' cycle was closed in many ways this year). Anyone who, like me, has followed the series since the beginning, knows that the departure of showrunner Eric Kripke (The Boys) after the fifth season, led to a drastic drop in the quality of the plot in the seasons that followed.

In his final years, the plot of the series was no longer able to innovate and bring plots that really justified its renewal. Character development was no longer the focus and the stories of each season ended with numerous holes, which made the series increasingly “suffering” to watch.

Furthermore, for the brothers' plot to continue, another resurrection of Dean Winchester would be necessary, as the character died at the end of the last season. This narrative departure, however, (no one can take it anymore) would not bring anything new or surprising to the duo's story.

Supernatural ended with season 15 (and it should stay there!)

Oh, it is also necessary to remember that the production of 22 episodes per season required almost full dedication from the cast, especially the main duo – a factor that may have deprived the actors of other opportunities.

With the end of Supernaturalfor example, Jensen Ackles had a praised role as Soldier Boy in The Boys, while Jared starred in the series Walker, from the CW. After 15 years as Sam and Dean, it was obvious that the actors needed a break from their characters.

Therefore, if the series returns with the original plot, the least the writers could deliver to fans would be a new format and a plot that is really worth telling.

Revival with more of the same? No, thank you!

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