Do you know what are the technological innovations that will surprise this 2015 ?. Holograms, virtual reality, and flexible displays are just a few. We tell you what you should pay attention this year. What I love about technology is that not for one second: every year appear developments promise to revolutionize the world. They succeed or not is another thing, but recently saw Revolution 3D printers, robots, internet everywhere And that 2015 will bring its own. So I want to comment which I believe will be the new technologies that will shape trend this year and, why not, to come. Let’s reboot!

new technologies

Hololens: Holograms to invade your life

Microsoft surprised everyone with Hololens, some glasses that project holograms in your view and mix the virtual world with the real (the “augmented reality”).

The possible uses are many. For example, as I have shown you could play Minecraft and watch as the blocks appear on your desk and can interact with them by pointing. Or designing 3D objects molding them with your hands. Indeed, you could even pretend to be in other environments such as Mars (NASA they are already using). And is that the holograms are not a thing of the future.

Magic? No, the Hololens are a computer inside goggles that through a system similar to Kinect cameras and transparent screens create the illusion of “holograms”. And therein lies its strength because you can wander anywhere because they are completely independent! The hope, with Windows 10 for some time in 2015.

But not everything ends in Microsoft. Google is supporting a company called Magic Leap you are creating your own display holograms . In principle it is similar to Hololens, and while we are tempted with some spectacular videos , the not yet seen in action. For now, the best bet Hololens.

Smart Watches: The gadget fashion

This is one of those innovations that are already, but will be consolidated this year with the arrival of the highly anticipated Apple Watch . The idea is simple: Why bring mobile pocket if you can use many functions from the watch?

The smart watches work with an operating system (Android or iOS), and let you answer calls, send text messages, use the GPS or see your notifications from social networks with just a flick of the wrist. Some are synchronized with your mobile to achieve, while others may put them a SIM card and connect to the Internet without having the smartphone close.

This year has its own challenges, such as improving the life of the battery, ensure that there are more applications and incorporate the novelty of being able to make payments with the clock, as is done with mobile. We’ll see who comes out the winner of this war Android Wear – Pebble – Apple Watch.

Cars handled alone (autonomous)

It is already working on several technologies that allow cars to be “independent” driver . For example Google and did a concept car that has no steering wheel and pedals , just tell him where you want to go and press a button.

How is this? Well, this car has many sensors on the ceiling that allow you to identify the terrain and know where there are obstacles or objects which collide in a range of almost two streets. Likewise also identifies the traffic lights and signs. We will see in the streets probably in a few years .

But it does not stay on Google, other companies such as Volvo, Mercedes Benz and Tesla are working hard on the issue. The car is called Mercedes F 015 , and would be able to send a text message that you pass to search. Yes, just remember where you parked. This mercedes, though, is far: come in 2030.

But now there is already a car approaching this: Tesla Model D . This beauty of 70,000 US $ has a pilot system “semi-automatic” which can regulate the speed based on traffic signals, stop if it senses danger colliding with a pedestrian or even parking only .