Laptops are changing as ever, and this year several new technologies that you must know is coming. Wireless charging, external and graphs. The portable sector is experiencing a new youth. After years of stagnation (he even came to think that the tablets would leave them in the background), regained prominence and now come in different types of formats, such as convertibles. Accompanying this good time come several new technologies, so if you plan to buy a laptop soon , or you’re just curious, which I mention you should watch.

new technologies

1 USB Type C: One single cable for all

The new standard “USB 3.1 Type C” (or Type C) USB 3.0 greatly improves the traditional. For starters, the connector may be on either side – it is reversible and smaller – and improves the speed, reaching maximum speeds of 20 Gbps , more than the current 5 Gbps. See, in real life is not as fast, but already some tests showed speeds of 800 MBps ยท

But what surprises me most is capable of transferring more power to the point that, in the future, may feed up to other notebooks . I imagine a small external battery to charge portable, that would be nice.

Specifically, it is already in several notebooks like the new Macbook Pro, and the last Chromebook Pixel. And out peripherals such as memory Parrot has integrated both connectors, a common USB and one type C.

2- WiGig: The new wireless video

Portable evolve to completely remove the cables, something difficult to do. One of the technologies that stronger WiGig will come this year is a protocol for transferring video and content wirelessly at high speeds. 7Gbps talk about, much more than the wi-fi classic, but limited to smaller distances (it is especially sensitive to the walls).

The idea is that the devices they come out with Wigi can communicate directly with each other, but Intel also offers a dock. Insurance see laptops that incorporate it into the second half of the year, with the new family of Intel processors Skylake.

3- DDR4 RAM Memory: Faster is better

The new generation DDR4 RAM is 30% faster , reduce consumption by 40% and have a higher bandwidth, all benefiting applications to open a little faster. Is it a big change? The not so obvious, obvious truth that is not like going from a standard drive to a SSD, but any improvement is welcome. And Crucial has several capabilities available from US $ 43 , and is expected to pass the year while some models bring them standard.

4- Trackpads Forche Touch

One of the biggest news is the latest Macbook trackpad “Force Touch”, which unlike the classic touchpad can measure the pressure that you do with your finger to perform different actions. So, if you make a strong click on a word the system searches Wikipedia, or if you press strongly in one direction shows a map that opens. Or even in a video, mientra stronger pressures the forward button … yes, faster through images.

5- biometric sensors

Fingerprint sensors have so far not been very popular in laptops, but Windows 10 is betting big on this technology. A new feature, called “Windows Hello”, can log on using different biometric sensors as fingerprint readers, retina, facial recognition cameras … Of course, each manufacturer decides which includes sensor. Good progress are “SecurePad” Synaptic, a touchpad that incorporate a fingerprint sensor. The beauty of this sensor is that it works by supporting the finger at any angle, and the new Galaxy or iPhone.

7- Wireless charging

Wireless charging portable dodging carries a good time – it takes more energy to charge a mobile laptop – but no progress slowly. Intel next to the “Alliance for Wireless Power” (HP, LG, Acer, etc) are working on a wireless charging standard magnetic, resonance can charge devices travez of wood, plastic or other nonmetallic materials. So, charge your laptop will be as simple as a table support. It is one of the earliest technologies list, but is expected already have some products that used in the 2015.