The next iPhone of Apple come with wireless charging system similar to other rival models from Panasonic, Motorola or Google. So he has confessed the famous analyst at KGI, Ming-Chi Kuo, who have brought new data to a rumor that has been talked about for some time. The analyst says that this system would be used in the next iPhone in August but would be sold separately, ie not come with the device. It would, therefore, something similar to what we have seen this year with the new audio system employed. Apple would have eliminated the jack of 3.5 mm in the new iPhone in July, adding wireless headphones.

The next iPhone will come with wireless charging

Next year the tenth anniversary of the launch of the first held iPhone. All the rumors agree that Apple is preparing a device to match, with significant changes, especially in terms of design. Analyst KGI Ming-Chi Kuo, has in the last hours some interesting facts. On the one hand, the expert says that the new device can be charged wirelessly but yes, this charger needed will have to be purchased separately. We imagine then that the company would enter in the box the usual charger, which comes standard with the phone, and besides commercialize this new article.

iPhone wireless charging

Ming-Chi Kuo also anticipates that the new iPhone 8 come with the back made of glass. Although this may not have much to do with the issue of wireless charging it is actually related. Those of Cupertino have many patients with wireless uploads to metallic chassis. In any case power transmission is much higher with the glass. This material offers greater tolerance and does not prevent both the upload speed as it does the metal. The analyst at KGI is convinced that the change from metal to glass in the back of the new iPhone would be to support wireless charging technology, in order to ensure that the performance of this function is superior to others.

It is expected that Apple presented next year two new iPhone , which could reach without frames and with large screen sizes (5 to 5.8 inches). It also says that the company would use in panel technology OLED and would be made, a priori, by Sharp. Although not leaked too much data we thought it would surpass in performance to the iPhone today continue counting with water resistance and improved level camera. It is expected that the new iPhone in August and iPhone 8 Plus are announced in September next year, so there are still many months of intense speculation. Meanwhile is enjoying the current models, which this year come with interesting new features dual camera in the version Plus water resistance and wireless headphones.