Nintendo Switch became the best-selling console in history in Japan

Officially released this Tuesday (6), Nintendo's most recent fiscal report reveals that it has already sold 33,340,000 Nintendo Switch units in Japan. With this, the device officially became the best-selling console in the entire history of the country. Previously, the position belonged to the Nintendo DS line, which had 32.98 million copies sold.

According to the company, the published number takes into account all variations of its platform, including the OLED and Lite models. It is worth noting that, on a global scale, the Switch still has a lot to do before it can achieve the worldwide success of the DS. It has sold 139.36 million copies to date, compared to 154.02 million for the old portable.

The Switch maintains strong sales 7 years after its debutThe Switch maintains strong sales 7 years after its debutSource: Disclosure/Nintendo

Although the console launched by Nintendo in 2017 is approaching the end of its useful life, it still has a chance of setting a new record in the near future. Before the model is replaced by a successor (currently full of mysteries), it must still gain new titles, bundles and promotions that should stimulate consumer attention.

Nintendo has good predictions for the Switch

In its fiscal report, the company states that it is confident that the console will continue to perform well, but projected realistic numbers. The company's expectation is that, by the fiscal year ending in March 2025, she will have managed to sell 141.12 million units of it around the world.

Although Switch sales have slowed in recent times, it maintains an impressive pace for a hardware in its seventh year of life. Much of this is the result of the good support of titles he has received throughout his life: in the coming months, the platform should register the arrival of games such as Mario vs. Donkey Kong It is Princess Peach: Showtime.

Nintendo continues to fuel the Switch with major releasesNintendo continues to fuel the Switch with major releasesSource: Disclosure/Nintendo

Despite the console having more modest hardware than its competitors, its large number of sales guaranteed good third party support. As a result, recent titles such as Prince of Persia: The Lost Crown It is Apollo Justice: Ace Attorney Trilogy they also ended up getting versions for it.

Even if Nintendo still manages to continue selling its hardware well in the coming years, there will be difficulties in surpassing the 155 million units of the PlayStation 2, the best-selling console in history. Rumors indicate that the Switch's successor will be announced in the coming months, debuting in late 2024.

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