North American woman and police officer are arrested with R$3 million worth of products in Belém (PA)

The Federal Police (PF) arrested an American woman and two men transporting more than R$3 million in electronics. The incident took place at Belém International Airport, in Pará, this Monday (5).

The products came from the city of Fort Lauderdale, in the United States, distributed in four suitcases, the PF pointed out. Among the products, there were computers (including MacBooks), watches, pens, headphones and around R$1 million worth of iPhones.

The woman was carrying around R$3 million in imported products.The woman was carrying around R$3 million in imported products.Source: PF/Disclosure

The seizure took place around 5 am in the airport parking lot, where the PF discovered that two men — a driver and another military police officer from Piauí — were waiting for the woman. The vehicle, valued at R$300,000, was also seized.

“This is work resulting from airport police. The PF has more than a hundred duties and this is one of them, such as investigating suspicious passengers. Smuggling and embezzlement harm local commerce and the Brazilian industry that pays taxes,” he said. the federal police officer, Bruno Mota.

According to Mota, the group will be charged with the crime of smuggling, with a double aggravating penalty for using air transport.

The incident occurred as a result of monitoring by the Airport Police Unit. The x-ray showed that the North American woman was carrying a considerable amount of electronic products imported illegally, without paying taxes.

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