Comes the first mobile Android One of Spain Bq hand, a smartphone that aims to offer something similar to but cheaper Nexus: Android pure, updates for two years and great support. Specifications and competence of that model.

No recall the program if all Android One , a Google initiative that is already a year that mobile searches lead with the latest version of Android “pure” affordable in emerging markets makes. Yes, as some economic Nexus , something to be welcomed as historically low range usually stop receiving updates a few months. It turns out that this is no longer limited to emerging markets and will launch these phones in Europe, starting with Spain Bq hand.


This first “Nexus One” will be the 4G A4.5 Aquaris a lower-middle range of popular Spanish manufacturer. Not a spectacular mobile, but it does everything you need to run well Lollipop and will guarantee updates for two years and quality support, like you have a Nexus 6. Here are the specifications to see if it complies with the premise of being ” good pretty and cheap”:

The truth is not bad, but … it costs € 169 for a fairly adjustable mid range. It’s too close in price to Moto G third generation , which exceeds the screen (HD) and power (Snapdragon 410). His greatest strength is in the 4G, but continues to fight for example with the Moto G 2nd Generation 4G (€ 171), the Xiaomi Redmi Note (€ 180) and, if you do not care much about the camera, the E 2015 Moto .

If you want to see some very good cheap Android phones, including some amazing Chinese models, The midrange is hard-fought, and this Aquarius A4.5 4G so cheap ends up being not as one might expect at first. Costing anything less would secure a best-seller, but not bad either and always tempts have those updates for two years. Do you think a good choice?