Pal and Pika everywhere! Palworld has a Pokémon mod with Ash and Pikachu

Breaking records and with very impressive sales numbers on Steam and Xbox, Palworld evoked the best of the fifth series last week and has been one of the most talked about games of the moment. The similarities with the little monsters in the franchise Pokémonobviously, there are many — and it didn't take long for the game to have a mod with Ash, Brook, Misty, Pikachu and company.

Images of the mod were published by content creator Tosted Shoes, who shared a small preview of his video on X (formerly Twitter). However, lawyers for Nintendo and The Pokémon Company have already taken action: the video was taken down less than 24 hours after publication on X (Twitter)with copyright claims.

In the video, it was possible to see several familiar faces, especially to those who watched it. Pokémon on TV. You've probably never imagined Ash shooting little monsters with a bow and arrow, much less Misty holding an assault rifle and a bunch of Pikachu hard at work in one of his bases. It's the kind of magic that only mods can provide.

PalworldPalworld mod, which had a video taken down by Nintendo, features characters from the Pokémon franchise

And the surprises don't stop there: the little monsters Palworld were also exchanged for others Pokémon, like Torchic, Torterra, Wooloo, Hoothoot, Piplup and dozens of other little ones. The first boss was even replaced by Jessie from Team Rocket and an Electabuzz.

According to the content creator, the full video will be published on his YouTube channel this Tuesday (22) — and will possibly also include a link to download the video. mod Palworld.

Palworld sells 6 million copies and suffers from instability

Despite being involved in plagiarism controversies, Palworld continues to grow. According to the studio, the game has already managed to sell no less than 6 million copies during its four days on the market.

Jessie and Electabuzz replaced Palworld's first boss in the Pokémon mod.Jessie and Electabuzz replaced Palworld's first boss in the Pokémon mod.

Due to all the positive reception, the servers of Palworld are facing some problems to keep up with the high demand of players. “Currently, our server vendor is reporting that due to the huge number of concurrent players, the servers have become unstable and you may experience some issues connecting,” said the studio on X, which reported receiving over 50,000 tickets as of the moment.

Although servers Palworld If you're currently experiencing some issues, Pocket Pair explains that “some users have reported success when trying to connect two to three times or waiting after launching the game.” So, if you're having trouble out there, try reconnecting a few times — once in a while, apparently.

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