Palworld creators are already working on a new game; see details

Responsible for developing the successful Palworld, Pocket Pair revealed this Friday (26) that it is already working on its next game. The title will be produced in partnership with KLab, which describes it as a “casual-hybrid” experience, which will reach mobile devices.

According to the studios involved, the new game will combine the simplicity of casual games with the mechanics of online titles. The intention is to offer the public a experience that can be leveraged over long periods of timeencouraging revenue generation through the use of microtransactions and advertisements.

Pocket Pair has caught the world's attention for its independent gamesPocket Pair has caught the world's attention for its independent games

“It is a category that has continued to grow around the world since 2020 and, according to research by the company Sensor Tower, had an estimated market size of US$2.1 billion in 2023,” explained KLab in a press release. She also explained that the partnership with Pocket Pair is old and that the development of the project began in 2020.

Palworld creator will help with the creative side

Under the terms established in the partnership, the Palworld developer will be mainly responsible for collaborating with the creative part of the new game. KLab will use its experience in producing mobile games with online elements to ensure that the new casual-hybrid experience will be as successful as expected.

The announcement also highlighted that, currently, Pocket Pair is one of the few Japanese studios that have caught the world's attention for their independent games. The company has already sold more than 8 million copies of its survival game with collectible creatures and broke historical records for simultaneous players on Steam.

The company also had great success with Craftopia, another survival game with elements of hunting, farming and exploration, released in September 2020 — and which has already sold 1 million copies. So far, the two companies have not revealed details about the name, theme or possible release date of their new game for mobile platforms, but they have assured that it is “finally ready for commercialization”.

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