Palworld will receive crossplay, PvP, extra islands and more! See new features coming to the game

This Wednesday morning (24), Pocket Pair, developer of Palworld, revealed the game's next steps on its official X/Twitter account. Success on Xbox Game Pass and Steam and countless comparisons to “Pokémon with guns”, the title still in development attracted players from different communities.

The team facing critical issues such as bug fixes and access congestion has announced that it will prioritize resolving these issues before implementing new features. Additionally, the updates promise to cover elements such as PvP, new bosses, crossplay between Steam and Xbox, and the introduction of new islands and bosses.

Studio shares the update roadmap with the community, focusing on stability and crossplay.Studio shares the update roadmap with the community, focusing on stability and crossplay.Source: Steam

The developers have not yet assigned dates to any of these upcoming updates, but things like crossplay between PC and Xbox are something that many players have hoped will happen sooner rather than later.

All the news coming to Palworld

Palworld roadmap

“We would like to share with you our roadmap for Palworld. Sales have far exceeded the development team's expectations and we are currently facing many issues due to excessive access congestion, among other challenges,” explained the developer on Twitter. “We will prioritize improving this issue first and then move on to implementing new features in the game.”

Below, see the complete roadmap provided by the developers:

Early Access Roadmap

  • Resolution of critical issues
  • Currently, numerous bugs have been identified, and we are prioritizing fixing these.
  • Sometimes the world's date can suffer setbacks.
  • The loading screen may persist when trying to load into worlds… and so on.

Improvements to be implemented as quickly as possible

  • Improvements in key configuration.
  • Improvements to Pal's base AI and coursework.

Planned Future Updates

  • PvP
  • Raid Bosses (End-game Content)
  • Pal Arena (PvP for Pals)
  • Crossplay between Steam and Xbox
  • Various improvements to Xbox features
  • Server transfers and migrations
  • Building system improvements
  • New islands, Pals, bosses and technologies.

It is worth noting that the developers have not given any date for the arrival of these updates. However, Pocket Pair's clarity on delivering an enhanced gaming experience demonstrates the team's determination to maintain the quality and fun of the game, even in the face of challenges and ongoing development.

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