Smart phones can easily be used as remote controls for products such as Apple TV and Google TV, as well as for traditional audio and video as televisions, audio systems and DVD players. To use a phone as a remote control does not need anything special in order to use it with products designed to fit together like the iPhone and Apple TV . For products that are not manufactured to work together, you have to add computers and special applications to the phone to make products work together.

smart phone remote control


Apple TV

1. Open the “App Store” on iPhone. Tap “Search” at the bottom of the screen. Type “Remote”. Tap “Free” and then “Install”.

2. Open iTunes. Go to “Advanced” in the top menu bar. Activa “Home Sharing”.

3. Connect iPhone to the Wi-Fi network.

4. Open the Remote app you just downloaded on the iPhone.

5. Activa “Home Sharing” in the “Settings” screen of the Remote application. IPhone Now granted remote access to the iTunes library.

6. Turn on this Apple TV . Select “Settings” from the main menu. Choose “General” then “Remote Control” and finally “Remote App”.

7. Select ” Apple TV “from the Settings screen of the iPhone Remote App Now activate the remote access to Apple TV .

Remote iPhone Accessories

1. Connect the accessory to the iPhone.

2. Open the App Store on your iPhone. Tap “Search” at the bottom of the screen. Write the name of the free application corresponding fixture. Tap “Free” and then “Install”.

3. Aim the accessory connected to the remote control will be replaced by your cell phone. Assign buttons on the iPhone touching the buttons of the old remote. Each button must be assigned individually.

4. Repeat for each remote device you want to replace. Now the iPhone should be able to function as a replacement remote device for each corresponding .

Logitech Revue for Google TV

1. Download the Logitech Harmony app on an iPhone or Android device.

2. Harmony opens the application on your phone. The application will detect the Logitech Revue device via Wi-Fi.

3. Press the activity “Check Google TV” through the application. Now the device should be able to control all the features of Google TV.

Universal Remote BlackBerry

1. Shadow Position the AV device near equipment that has the remote you want to replace. Connect the AV Shadow to a wall outlet.

2. Download the AV Shadow application directly on your BlackBerry.

3. Aiming towards the AV BlackBerry Shadow. Configure buttons default to replace the infrared remote control device.