Pix: transaction volume reaches record value of R$17.2 trillion in 2023

Transactions via Pix broke records and reached an amount of R$17.1 trillion in 2023, according to the Central Bank (BC). The volume of money transacted increased by 57% compared to 2022.

Taking 2021 into account, which was the first full year of the payment system, Pix had an increase of 229% in relation to the amount of money moved.

Since November 2022, the system has been the country's main form of payment. Due to the support of Brazilians, the instant transaction platform caused the end of the DOC, which was no longer offered after almost 40 years.

PixWhile the use of Pix increases, the use of physical money has decreased (Image: Etalbr/Getty Images)

At the end of 2023, Pix reached 158.3 million registered users, of which 144.8 million were individuals (PJ) and 13.4 million legal entities (PJ).

According to the BC, almost 45% of the almost 700 million registered Pix keys are random keys (more than 319 million). In second place come records by CPF, which correspond to around 18% of all registered keys.

Future of Pix

The BC is working with an extensive agenda for Pix in the coming years. One of the main new features that should soon arrive in the system is Pix Automatic, which will be a type of automatic debit.

After the user is released, Brazilians will be able to make recurring payments for electricity, water, telephone and other services bills.

QR CodePix was a technology that increased banking access for Brazilians (Image: Getty Images)

Furthermore, BC's future agenda in relation to Pix includes more launches such as:

  • QR Code generated by the payer: function to allow the use of Pix even without internet access;
  • Guaranteed Pix: allows scheduling and installments of payments via Pix similar to a credit card;
  • Pix International: possibility of sending money to people and companies that are not in Brazil;
  • New ways to start Pix: use technologies such as NFC, bluetooth, RFID and facial recognition to initiate transactions via Pix.

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