Changes in the Facebook privacy settings have given much to talk about, but there are alternatives to limit foreign access to our profile and make sure those only friends to see our account in full. However when it comes to our profile pictures and although we have the appropriate active privacy, anyone has the ability to access them and extend them to see them better, something that is not very private that is said.

protect my facebook

Do you want to prevent this from happening? Do not you want others snooping on your profile pictures? Keep reading, because we explain how to protect your Facebook profile photo and secure your privacy. You may also be interested in how to know who visits my Facebook profile. To protect your profile picture Facebook first thing you should do is log into protect my facebook on this social network. Once inside, go directly to your personal profile and click on the one that is currently your profile photo.

Right next to the date of the press photography icon planet you’ll find, you’ll see the menu as who should see this? Your photo will be marked as public, if you want such information can only be extended by your contacts then you must select the alternative Friends. With this change, only your Facebook contacts will be able to expand your profile picture. It is important to repeat this step for each of the photos that appear in your profile to protect them all.

In case you are looking for maximum protection, then you must click on the alternative “More options” and choose “Solo”. In this way only you will be able to expand your profile photos, other users, including your friends, always be small. Facebook also offers a more personalized alternative, this in case you want only some of your friends are able to expand your profile picture or specific people cannot do. To configure just you have to press the option “Custom” you will find at the end of the drop down menu.

If you then change your mind and decide to protect my facebook only from other users but not your friends, you just have to perform the same procedure and choose the alternative that we have explained in the first step. Now you know a new way to maintain the security and privacy of your profile, be encouraged to implement and protect the most of your account eavesdroppers.