Your PC is a lot more than just an expensive assortment of several electronic components; in fact, it is a vital part of your life. I can confidently claim that nothing knows me better than my PC, not even my wife! My sinful secrets, my cherished memories, the outputs of my hard work, all are entrusted to the safekeeping of my PC. I’m sure you’d not be too different from me, and would be agreeing to the fact that a PC is an integral part of one’s life these days. Doesn’t it make a lot of sense to be equipped with some useful tips and tricks that can help one take care of his/her PC in a better manner? Of course, the answer is obvious. Here, I lay down some tips that have been passed on to me by my friends who learned their lessons the hard way, and some that I have bumped and stumbled my way to all on my own. Let me assure you that I will not even tangentially touch upon any technical matter, and will be keeping all tips purely simple and straightforward.

Don’t keep the portable hard drives at the edge of the table

I have borne the brunt of forgetting how fragile hard drives are from the insides, and lost data that took me weeks to compile. I pray that any of my readers don’t have to face that tragedy ever, and am hence including this tip here. Hard drives have rotating platters made of metal inside them, and this is where the data is stored. A fall is almost certain to make the hard drive platters get damaged, and this is something that can cost you hundreds of dollars to get repaired. So, make it a point that you have long USB chords that let you keep your mobile devices at safe distance from the edge of the table you are working at. Learning the lesson the hard way, I know better now, and am using a tray. I let frequently used peripherals rest inside this tray, more particularly so when they are connected to the CPU via a USB cable.

How to make your printer stay healthy?

Printers and ink cartridges are costly items, and being careful about how you manage them makes a lot of financial sense. But if you know some discount online shop then it would be cheaper. I know a couple websites like and where one can compare and purchase cheap cartridges. In order to ensure the long life of your printer, don’t subject it to extended periods of inactivity. If a week goes without any print being taken out, fire the good old test print out and keep the printer synced with its expected behavior. When you are switching off a printer, ensure that there is no mechanical movement happening inside it. This is important, because a printer returns the cartridges to their normal position, where they are capped by a plastic piece. This prevents the cartridges from drying off, and hence makes them give you crisp and neat prints for a very long time. If you are looking to store ink cartridges, a zip-locked bag is the best bet. You might also want to keep a wet paper towel along the ink cartridge, so that the leaking ink, if any, can be soaked.

Few sure shot means to losing your PC

Of course, the idea is to not commit the silly sins that will, in all likelihood, end up with your computer being reduced to scrap right in front of your eyes, within a matter of a second.

Keep those drinks for the kitchen area – It is never a great idea to be sipping your cold drinks and coffees with the mug resting on the computer table. A spill is almost certain to kill your computer, and it is worth foregoing the pleasure of being able to sip what you love the most while working on a boring document. Remember, computers that get damaged because of spills are hard to recover, and more painfully so, hard to forget!

Be spatially smart with long cords and leads – Letting cords and leads hang away unmonitored is a certified silly mistake that you need to avoid. If you live in a household where there are little kids who make it a point to trip and fall every day, or are yourself a clumsy walker, you are inviting trouble by not being smart about where you plug your cords. Invariably, you’ll end up getting your feet entangled in a wire, which, if luck proves to be on mischief’s side, will end up in your PC smashing on the floor. Believe me, there aren’t many experiences more disturbing than having to clean up the smithereens of a broken PC, just because you tripped over the wire!