Brief Intro

Whether you’ve lost your precious data for any reason, recovering it was never easier. With EaseUS Data RecoveryWizard pro software, your days of worrying about losing complete or recovering partial data are numbered.

Moreover, the wizard pro can also guide you through a useful tutorial that includes all the vital information on how to use the software and types of issue you might face while recovering your data. Here is more on how EaseUS Data RecoveryWizard is the most help data recovery tool around today:


An Insight Into EaseUS

If you have not heard about EaseUS Data RecoveryWizard before, we bet you’ve missed a highly functional tool for your list. In terms of data recovery, there is so much that this tool can do. For instance, contrary to some of the free data recovery tools out there, EaseUS is somehow able to completely restore your lost files, that too from different type of hardware including hard drives, flash drives to name a few.

It is suspected that the tool has some serious programming behind it that enables the program to recover any type of lost file in any format. For this reason, EaseUS has become the data recovery tool of choice for most users around the world. Even more amazing is its ability to restore data from storage drives that are not recognized, for instance, drives that are accidentally formatted or those with bad clusters etc. So far, not many data recovery software have shown such characteristics. Surprised? There is more to come. The EaseUS free data recovery software can even recover an accidentally deleted partition with all the data it had before deletion.

Easy To Use But Powerful

Using the tool is quite easy and you need not to go through lengthy manuals to use it. Upon installing the software, you may be surprised by seeing how easy it is to install and it doesn’t take a whole lot of space on your hard drive either. Furthermore, the tool has a very elaborate and clear interface that is pleasing on the eyes and is quite easy to navigate. There is a quick scan function that is actually quite fast, faster than your virus scan anyway. Then there is a complete deep scan function that’ll thoroughly scan your entire drive for lost Data. The software will literally recover any type of data from any type of storage device. For instance, you can use it to recover data from your media card, usb flash drive, camera, smartphone, hard drives, music and mp3 players and more.

Steps Of How To Use The Software

Using this tool is quite easy, you just need to follow these steps to properly recover your data. The step by step guide will serve you throughout the data recovery process. There are some recovery software that keep files by preparing a disk image for your recovered data within the copy of your corrupt drive. This method is quite safe as it removes the possibility of you accidentally ending up deleting your data again. Moreover, it also helps you protect your valuable data at a safe location.

To start the process, run the EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard that’ll start scanning your drive for any type of lost data. Though the process is automatic but you can manually guide the software to the suspected location on your drive. In case your data is found there, the software search tool will tell you that the required data is found. You can give the tool the desired location on your drive where you want the recovery wizard to store your recovered data.

Download Link For The Tool

A casual internet search will reveal to you hundreds of different data recovery tools with different sets of functionality. Though they claim big, they provide pretty much zilch. The EaseUS is not only easy to find, it is equally easy to use. Just go to this link and download the world’s best data recovery tool and start recovering your long lost precious files.


There is no denying that EaseUS is surely one of the most versatile, powerful and easy to use data recovery tools in the market today. The functionality and data recovery options it provides are unprecedented. Simply put, there is no recovery tool, free or otherwise, that could match its functionality and power at the moment.