Safe Internet Day: TikTok launches personal digital safety campaign

TikTok launched a campaign that will release videos on topics such as personal digital security, screen time control and responsible content creation. The productions will be made available in a special hub with the hashtag #PorUmaInternetSegura.

TikTok's action recalls Safer Internet Day, which will be celebrated on February 6 in more than 200 countries. The videos shown on the social network were produced in partnership with 10 Brazilian NGOs that deal with digital security and mental health.

The content will be published by the organizations on their profiles and TikTok will still notify users to watch about educational topics.

TikTokTikTok has prepared a hub where safety videos will be located (Dan Kitwood/Getty Images)

The productions will also talk about topics such as family mediation, safety in virtual games, consequences of cyberbullying, responsible use of artificial intelligence, promotion of digital citizenship, prevention of digital scams and media education.

The NGOs behind the #ForSafeInternet campaign are:

  • Life Valorization Center (CVV);
  • Safernet Brazil;
  • Institute of Technology and Society (ITS Rio);
  • Data Privacy Brazil;
  • InternetLab;
  • Internet and Society Reference Institute (IRIS);
  • Public Policy and Internet Laboratory (Lapin);
  • Recife Research Institute for Law and Technology (IP.rec);
  • Vero Institute;
  • Data Label.

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