Samsung dominate the market any information about a new model by technology buffs. Leading companies are hostages of their own good fame, to overcome not only without ceasing but also increasingly more quickly. The Samsung Galaxy 9 is the most powerful smartphone in terms of features and largest Galaxy A series.

Samsung galaxy 9 details feature

Release Date

The latest rumors indicate that the new screen of the next S9 would already ready to assemble. So the launch of the expected smartphone may be published of January launch in 2018. Samsung will probably launch its Galaxy S9 mobile phone in the first months of 2018 according to all the information. Samsung has confirmed not all these features and we must have a little patience to discover a powerful. Samsung counts with its technology on what many experts consider the best technology for screens of the market. It able to achieve some colors alive at the same time.

How will the future Galaxy S9?

The screen of the future Samsung Galaxy S9 will have a size of 5.7 inches with panel (4000 pixel resolution). The size is practically the same as the S8 (5.7 inches). The 5.5 inches seem to be a bit like the fair middle of the classics. Perhaps the most striking feature of the Samsung Galaxy S9 will be its ultra-thin design. A small oversight that ends with the device on the ground can have disastrous consequences. Especially in modern models that are all screen. Samsung is aware of this problem so we need to use for the panel the latest technology of Gorilla Glass. We advise you to put a good case on the mobile for what is better safe than sorry.

If you want to know what will be the new Note 9 from Samsung. We can advance that now Samsung seems to be developing a terminal. That far surpasses its predecessor the next, idea is to launch a mobile. Its design will have a style without borders to be able to adapt without problem to our wrist. Something similar to what Lenovo has already made possible with its terminal.