Sciencescope is a business founded in 1995 to keep up with the ever-growing technological advances being made in all industries. Sciencescope manufactures and develops efficient, precision video inspection systems for various industries. Starting small, like most business, they pride their business on its growth due to integrity, hard work and an understanding of what their customers need. With a commitment to quality and dedication, Sciencescope has transformed into a company that produces a complete line of inspection solutions and X-ray equipment that can accomplish a variety of roles.



Because of the consistent changes in increased needs for security as well the ability to inspect materials in pharmaceutical and forensic labs, just to name a couple, some of the tools that are being produced are trinocular microscopes and micro-video photographing with CCTV cameras for ease of viewing and use of the information and data that is collected. Cameras and the images that the collect have quickly found their way into courtrooms, news media, and practically everywhere because of the exact information that they can provide – pictures don’t lie.

As customer needs have continued to become more sophisticated, so have the technological experts at Sciencescope to stay abreast of the new changes, challenges that might need to be conquered and ultimately, always meeting the needs of the customers. The inspections and X-ray equipment is made from the finest quality materials and made to be durable so the precision of the optical systems is never compromised. The best part of the tools is that, no matter how complicated the information may be that is being analyzed, they remain user-friendly. Minimal training is needed.

In 2000, Sciencescope began development of some of the most significant equipment that they offer. Machines that were able to micro-focus X-ray, providing almost impossible results. They are made for measurement of minute, intricate details or on large items as well. Three of these examples include :

XT-2000 VMP

This fully self contained model is designed with various positions of staging and lighting as well as focusing directly in front of the person operating the machine. Extremely user friendly, it is compact, completely self-contained, 1 micron resolution, 1/2″ color 1.3 megapixel USB digital camera, quality high-res imaging, 23″ widescreen, quick release stage, and a one year warranty.

XT-2000 VME

This is the most popular machine purchased by customer demand. This model is designed with position, lighting and focus controls that are placed directly in front of the operator for ease of use. The image is extremely sharp and displayed on a 23″ widescreen monitor. All is compactly included on a solid granite topped steel workstation that includes storage space for the things that you need to keep with you, freeing your hands for other things. This station has improved measurement quality, LED top and back lighting, zoom lens, 1/2″ color 1.3 megapixel USB digital camera, high res image, workstation table included and a one year warranty.

XT-1000 VMI

This video measurement machine is a 2 axis, extremely compact and easy to use desktop system that is easy on the wallet as well. It is perfect for smaller item inspection.
The XT-1000 is cost effective, compact, flexible, zoom lens, 1/2″ color 1.3 megapixel USB digital camera, 22″ LCD widescreen, LED top and back lighting and a one year warranty.

If you are looking for the perfect video measurement system or microscope accessories for your business or office and you can’t accept anything less than perfection, then Sciencescope is the company for you. They will listen to your needs, analyze what would solve your problems and walk you through the process from the beginning. And, they will continue to partner with you, providing customer service and support throughout. Find out more by going to