An innovative class of screen monitors made ​​of air with steam, is the sleek image experts and laymen. For its unusual features, lacking comments comparing these monitors with screens that used the character played by Tom Cruise in the sci-fi Minority Report.

Amazing screen monitors made of air

The truth is that monitors Displair, a Russian company led by the brilliant young Designer Max Kamanin represent a bold technological leap, which some compare to the one I gave in his youth Ray Kurzweil with his pioneering field sampling sound for synthesizers can emulate a high fidelity sounds of the instruments work most charismatic acoustic, or with which in his youth gave the Russian inventor Leon Theremin (Lev Termen) to create the electronic musical instrument that bears his name and that, unlike any other, is played without physical contact, shaking hands to antennas. ‘s technology monitors Displair can generate digital images on the air, which are translucent and permeable.Thanks to the remarkable accuracy of gesture recognition system, the Displair monitors are able to capture the movements of the user’s hands thus allowing you to interact with the image and manipulate virtual objects. This 3D interaction capability is achieved by the assistance of infrared sensors and camera tracking. User interaction with the images allows it to do things ranging from eg zooming to scale images up to move, among other operations, some of them quite complex, and all through hand movements in the air space which are images.

The user control over the images generated by one of these monitors can easily exercise with your hands.

Monitor these characteristics can generate images in a large space, without having a permanently occupied space by a monitor with a screen that size, or wall to project reserved. Imaging in the air is something that in the past would have been considered impossible. Even now, it can not be excluded that this class monitor causes scare uninformed witnesses. After all, suddenly see a translucent image of a person in midair can give at first the impression of seeing a ghost, especially if the environment is mysterious or Solo) Although images generated by these monitors are vaporous singular and appear fragile, maintain good sharpness even when a hard object passes through the screen.

With a monitor of this class, it is possible to “play” images to modify them.

The Displair monitors consume little power and no hazardous substances used in its imaging. The “base” image is created inside an aerodynamic layer of “dry fog” that is made ​​of ultra-small water droplets. The only environmental effect of prolonged use of these monitors is that it can increase the level of moisture in the air of the room. In very dry areas, this can serve to make the environment more pleasant.